Tuesday, September 23, 2008

UNH Wrap Up

First, I'd like to congratulate Jeff "Eagle" Lukach from UNH for putting on a fabulous race this weekend at Kingman Farm and Highland Mountain.

Ok, now here's a few great moments: 
1) Nelson (UMass) crashed into a puddle during the Second DH race Saturday whilst finishing his race run about 100 yards from the finish. Drenched head to toe he went about hugging teammates and squeezing water out of his shoes. He has the heart of a Champion.

2) Stanley (UMaine) broke the frame of his GT i.Drive during Saturday's Cross Country race. Apparently he was to manly for the frame. He still raced the short track on a borrowed bike.

3) Joe Kopena, our beloved conference director, drove up from Philly on Saturday Morning to go to the XC events in Madbury, NH. Flying up the highways at questionably legal speeds he did the drive in 5.5 hours, after he left home at 3:30 AM.

4) A rider from Boston College missed the start of his cross country race by 6 minutes and still finished near the front.

5) Sparky (UMaine) blatanly broke ECCC policy by racing in a US National Champion Team Giant Skinsuit while racing Men's A Downhill on Sunday.

6) Half of the UMass downhill team broke their drivetrains on Sunday. Except for Jamie who chose to ride without one in the first place.