Tuesday, November 18, 2008

ECCC Meeting Comments, Finals Week and Training

So on Saturday I woke up nice and early made myself a cup of tea and drove down to Bard for the ECCC annual meeting. The drive was just over an hour and a half and was fairly uneventful so I guess I'll just move on to the meeting.

It was great to get there nice and early to catch up with some folks that I know from around the conference. When we finally got things going I sat in the front row next to Caitlin (Assistant ECCC Chief, Tufts Alum), Emma (Rep to NCCA BoT, Mt. Holyoke) and Mark V (ECCC Cross Dictator, Rutgers). While the morning meeting began with some info about team building, promotion, awareness and a general chat about getting your name out to alumni and sponsors which was pretty interesting to hear about.

When the regular meeting began Joe gave a really heart filled speech about who he is, where he's from and where he wants the conference to go. The best part was probably Joe crying about this horrible crash he had in front of everyone. I know this may make me a bad person, but I couldn't help but laugh as Joe bore his soul to the collected ECCC leaders. (Caitlin was laughing too, so I didn't feel too bad about it.)

Anyway as we got going in the afternoon we had a couple really interesting discussions. The best was probably the debate over aero gear for time trials. The ruling ended up being that only A time trials will allow aero gear, unless aero gear is banned at nationals. I totally agree with this ruling because of this horrifying photo:


This guy won the D race at Penn State last spring, not only that he would have finished 6th in the B race and 12th in the A race. Seriously, there is just so much wrong with this.

  • The dude is in the D race, he should be on an '80s ten speed with down tube shifters.
  • The bike he's riding has DISC WHEELS! No one should have those things unless your getting paid to ride your bike.
  • Zebra Suit, those things should be banished.

Finals Week

As of Tuesday, Union College is officially in finals week for fall term. Which means that I don't have class and will soon be on my winter break which lasts from Friday, until January 4th, 2009. I only have 2 finals, one for my Solar Energy Class, which shouldn't be that bad and the other is for my Heat, Light and Astronomy Class, which could go either way. So wish me luck.

Training. Yes. Training.

This week I decided to start training for the road season. I'm starting with base mileage. So I went out today with the hopes to get a 2 hour ride in and stretch my legs. However, what I didn't realize is that it is now officially cold. I left my room all geared up covered head to toe for the 32 degree weather. I was pretty comfortable until about an hour and a half into the ride where I reached the top of a hill out in Rotterdam. By this point is was howling with wind, snowing and I had to do a 2 mile descent. It was cold. I went down, probably topping out at 30mph and I was absolutely freezing. When I got to the bottom, my toes and finger tips were frozen and this lasted all the way back to my room. I guess I'm gonna need to invest in better booties because I plan on riding 4-5 days a week all winter and January is particularly cold in Schenectady.

This weekend I may either be heading to the Whitmore Cup or a couple Group rides in Boston depending on if I can find a place to stay in Southampton.

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