Tuesday, November 4, 2008

MTB Season Wrap up and Cycle Smart Intl.

Hey Boys and Girls,

So it's been a while since my last "post" but whatever, I don't care.

So as you have probably realized by now I pretty much didn't blog about the MTB season at all. Mostly because Joe didn't fix the website so I couldn't make new pages and thus keep you, the people, informed about my exciting MTB adventures.

MTB Season Wrap-Up

  • I had fun at 4 out of 5 events.
  • My race at Holiday Farm was a smashing success and I would have broken the attendance record if the forecast had been better.
  • Sunday River was amazing. Much respect to Ben Hills and the rest of the NU crew for putting on an awesome event yet again. This is all despite the fact that I broke my derailleur hanger during the XC, crashed during qualifying for Dual Slalom and crashed four times during the downhill. So my hopes of B omnium we're pretty much shot.
  • I whipped up a sweet MTB Survey at the end of the season for the masses.

Cyclocross Baby!


Me and AJ (Wentworth) on Day 2.

So as some of you may know over the summer I opted to spend my hard earned cash on a fancy Redline Conquest instead of a new MTB trail bike. So far it's been a good decision.

To date I've done 5 'cross races this season and I've done 2 collegiate events, the Cycle-Smart International in Northampton MA.

Going into the weekend I wasn't expecting anything special. Mostly because my 3 previous races (non-collegiate) had gone pretty poorly and I was going to start tenth row. So on day 1 when the whistle blew I went all out and faught my way through the pack to try and reach the leaders. This was pretty difficult though as the course was pretty twisty at the start and it took a while for the field to string out. I eventually started to pass people and got into my rythm on the second lap. On lap two or three some dingleberry from RIT took me down with him as he slid out on a turn and I had to get back up and fix my handlebars to keep racing. Then a lap or two later someone hit my rear wheel on the runnup and I had to put it back in place. I spent the next lap or two chasing this guy from Colby and eventually passed him. I finished 37th of 90-ish starters.

Day 2 was pretty uneventfull, like the day before I started in the back and had to fight my way forwards to the front until I hit a rythm. I finished 40th of 90-ish starters.

Either way the highlights of each day were not really the races but, the two hour long cool down rides I did with other college riders from MIT and Wentworth. Also, cheering for friends in the Men's B race and Women's B race. Most notably Tim (RPI), Jeremy (Tufts Alum), Kate (MIT), Emma (Mount Holyoke), Sara (Colby), Josh (Colby), and Slim (UVM Alum). Additionally, seeing Rose(UVM) was awesome, as she is still recovering from an incident with car a few months back.

The best part of each day was probably the Men's Elite races. I borrowed some cowbell and had some "beverages" at the Gazebo and cheered my head off at all the elite riders. By the end of each day I was pretty tired and had almost no voice left from cheering as loud as I could for 3 hours.

All in all a good weekend.

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