Monday, January 26, 2009

Wicked Winter Warrior

Today we find another recap of the horrifying montany of riding the trainer during these long northeastern winters.... 

I having decided to become either a top "B" rider or a "A-" rider this spring have taken on the daunting task of riding my bike, up to and possibly in excess of 14 hours per week on a Trainer in the middle of January.  As the days pass by I've grown accustomed to the routine of dawning my summer cycling gear, hopping on the trainer and spinning for hours on end staring at my computer or television screen while I attempt to make the hours pass by. 

Now, it's not all bad. I've really enjoyed some of the stuff I've been watching. Most notably episodes of Top Gear and the Ric Burns documentary New York. To date I've watched an astounding 10 hours of the latter and learned a lot about the growth and development of the metropolis since the dutch first settled it in the 1600s. 

Additionally, thanks to my training advisor I've been way more structured and consistent when compared to last year. I think by this time last year I had totalled something like 12 hours, where this year I've tripeled that by riding near 36 hours. So, who knows, while I considered last year a resounding success compared to the year before perhaps it'll work out in my favor. 

Another item of note on training is that I've been able to ride outside a total of 2, count 'em 2 times so far this year. The highlight of which was doing the River Loop last Friday when Schenectady topped out at an extremely balmy 41, which is practically tropical as we've been averaging below 20 for most of the month. 

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  1. > having decided to become either a top "B" rider or a "A-" rider this spring

    For the record, just a few weeks ago big talker Steve was all about "How many races will I win at Nationals???" rather than opting between A or B...

    Better get those miles on!