Thursday, February 19, 2009

Let me clear up some things

Greetings Blog Readers,

After reading some comments, receiving some e-mails, and generally feeling misunderstood, I've decided that I'm going to have to make it plain and clear what my opinions are on some subjects, so as not too offend you, the people, in the future. So, please read my bullet formatted opinions on various subjects. 

  • MIT - They are good kids, I truly respect their team, school and attitude. But, they try too hard and make me look like a crappy Mechanical Engineer by comparison. Most evident when I worked at iRobot, and the MIT interns got all the fancy assignments, while I was stuck doing nothing but CAD work. 
  • Collegiate Cyclocross - We, the ECCC, need to move away from UCI Races. Why? Simply because we'll have more that 1 person in the A field, we'll have greater parity throughout the other categories, and we'll save money. 
  • My status as a Cat 3 Badass -  Obviously if you take this as arrogance you've read it wrong. I say things like because I think it has a nice ring to it and I don't take my Cat 3 status too seriously. You might have noticed that I often sign off e-mails, and blog posts by giving myself ridiculous titles for the same reason. 
  • The State of Connecticut -  I just plain don't like it. It's just in the way, blocking the path to New York City from Boston. Maybe the Yale Race will change my opinion. 
  • Women's Cycling - We need more women in the sport, for two reasons: 1) It's sad that the male/female ratio in cycling is lower than that at RPI. 2) Would greatly increase my dating pool, (cycling events are where I spend most of my weekends).
  • Republicans - You all suck. Tax cuts DON'T WORK!
  • Democrats - Get off your high horse, Obama was a good choice, but you still bicker between each other over everything.
  • Malls - There's something really weird about consumerism and the masses that makes people become sheep and I get scared by that. 
  • Power Stats - I remain steadfast here. I ABSOLUTELY ABHORE people posting their power stats. Stats mean nothing, results mean everyting. 
Hope you enjoyed. Stay tuned to the blog for more rants. 

-ECCC Blogmaster Emeritus

Monday, February 16, 2009

PhotoBlogging my Ride Today.

Hey all,

In response to Graham's Suggestion, I took some photo's of my ride today. So the following are photos of what it's like to ride "somewhere upstate" during February. 

Personally, I love the riding out here, and I hope that from the photo's you'll see the appeal of beautiful Schenectady. 

I started in the Stockade and then headed out of Schenectady to Scotia on Route 5.

Below is a Bridge over the Mohawk River back to route 890 from Route 5.

From Route 5 I took a right on Washout Road. Here's the view at the Bottom:

About Midway up Washout Road you pass a Farm.

Also Before the farm there's some streams and such.

Then After I finished Washout Road I took a left on Ridge Road, which has a cool descent:

From Ridge Road I headed into the Hamlet of West Glenville, then took a right on North Road:

From North Road I took 147 for a bit then went down Eastern Ave, past some farms

Then I hit Division St, which ends up on this really nice wooded climb before it hits route 147.

Then I headed back to school through Scotia, it's a bit busy with traffic so I opted not to take the camera out again.

Thursday, February 12, 2009

A Guide to Blogging in the ECCC

As the original ECCC blogger, the Founder of the Blogosphere and all around Cat 3 Badass, I've decided to lend a few helpful hints to our ever growing blogosphere participants as we head into the oncoming road season. So follow the tips below and your blog will be a great success, rivalling that of BSYNC.

Avoid Raw Training Data... No one cares how many watts you put out, or for how long, and how your fancy new SRM power meter is the greatest thing since sliced bread. If you must talk about training make it more personal, do things like: "I broke my record up some hill," or "I beat this dude in town line sprint."  Furthermore, always be sure to include pictures of mud, sweat and tears whilst training in cold conditions. There's nothing better took look at than a big smile beneath a layer of mud. 

Smack Talk... An absolute must. What better way to get ramped up for a weekend than by publicly calling out some jackass a few days before the event.  Especially, if they go to a rival school, sandbag, or have an affinity for hideous jerseys. Be sure to keep it playful though, we wouldn't want to hurt any whiny punk's feelings.

Don't Ruin the Surprise...  I've been severly disappointed about how many teams are revealing their new jersey designs on their blogs. It really takes all the fun out of the opening couple of weekends of the season. I've always thought of the Rutgers TT as the collegiate cycling equivalent to NYC's fashion week. 

Make Stuff Up... Darn Skippy make stuff up, who wants to hear about your english class, when you could discuss about how you were personally invited to the White House by President Obama to discuss the pro's and con's of fully funding an effort to promote women's cycling and by doing so get rid of obesity in our fair country.

Include Amazing Race Recaps... Be sure to mention highlights such as: "I totally threw my empty GU packet into a dumpster during the crit while going 25MPH," or "This one kid would not shut up about his eight our drive through a snowstorm from Maine to get here," or "I thought I was gonna throw up during the entire race, and then I did." I guess if you win or something you might want to mention that too. 

Make Fun of ECCC Director Joe Kopena... Pretty Self Explanatory.

-ECCC Blogmaster In Chief. 

Thursday, February 5, 2009

Heaven's to Betsy They're Blogging!

I fear I may have really opened up the hornet's nest here.... The blogs... they are alive!

And there's just so many of them, and it's been a whole day since the ECCC Blogosphere was launched. Frankly, I don't know what to expect. We could get a whole litany of topics and styles in the blogosphere it could go down hill. I mean, some folks may just write about racing, and training and that's fine. But others may start a whole InterWeb based bashing campaign that could destroy the very fabric of the ECCC family affair.
I mean just look at Kyle's most recent post, while it is just a simple preview of the newest ECCC fashions, he could offend just 1 person and the whole system could fall through. Imagine if you will, an army of lycra clad warriors from Harvard descending upon the Boston University van with torches and pitchforks screaming for Kyle's pretty little head. I mean, let's be realistic, we could have fashion based murder happening here! I for one am a little concerned.

Not to mention the fact that ECCC socialite, and perpetual student, Joe Kopena has opened up and is going to spread his thoughts across the internet! This too could go really badly, I mean have you ever met this guy? He's totally insane, he works 400 hours a week, lives in a lab, and manages to do 9 Hour solo drives to New Hampshire from Philly without eating MEAT! What are we to do!? He could spread his, computer science, veganism across the land and put our already slow economy to a screeching halt as he alone gets people to stop buying meat, driving gas based cars and reading newspapers!

We're Doomed, all doomed! Much like Doctor Frankenstein I fear what's to come!