Thursday, February 5, 2009

Heaven's to Betsy They're Blogging!

I fear I may have really opened up the hornet's nest here.... The blogs... they are alive!

And there's just so many of them, and it's been a whole day since the ECCC Blogosphere was launched. Frankly, I don't know what to expect. We could get a whole litany of topics and styles in the blogosphere it could go down hill. I mean, some folks may just write about racing, and training and that's fine. But others may start a whole InterWeb based bashing campaign that could destroy the very fabric of the ECCC family affair.
I mean just look at Kyle's most recent post, while it is just a simple preview of the newest ECCC fashions, he could offend just 1 person and the whole system could fall through. Imagine if you will, an army of lycra clad warriors from Harvard descending upon the Boston University van with torches and pitchforks screaming for Kyle's pretty little head. I mean, let's be realistic, we could have fashion based murder happening here! I for one am a little concerned.

Not to mention the fact that ECCC socialite, and perpetual student, Joe Kopena has opened up and is going to spread his thoughts across the internet! This too could go really badly, I mean have you ever met this guy? He's totally insane, he works 400 hours a week, lives in a lab, and manages to do 9 Hour solo drives to New Hampshire from Philly without eating MEAT! What are we to do!? He could spread his, computer science, veganism across the land and put our already slow economy to a screeching halt as he alone gets people to stop buying meat, driving gas based cars and reading newspapers!

We're Doomed, all doomed! Much like Doctor Frankenstein I fear what's to come!


  1. pardon me, but I believe I said I enjoyed the Harvard jersey and was looking forward to seeing it in the peloton. so leave the pitch forks at home Crimson.

    Williams College, however, bring on the implements of destruction...

  2. One crisis at a time. Better a fracas over the blogs than no one talking.