Monday, February 16, 2009

PhotoBlogging my Ride Today.

Hey all,

In response to Graham's Suggestion, I took some photo's of my ride today. So the following are photos of what it's like to ride "somewhere upstate" during February. 

Personally, I love the riding out here, and I hope that from the photo's you'll see the appeal of beautiful Schenectady. 

I started in the Stockade and then headed out of Schenectady to Scotia on Route 5.

Below is a Bridge over the Mohawk River back to route 890 from Route 5.

From Route 5 I took a right on Washout Road. Here's the view at the Bottom:

About Midway up Washout Road you pass a Farm.

Also Before the farm there's some streams and such.

Then After I finished Washout Road I took a left on Ridge Road, which has a cool descent:

From Ridge Road I headed into the Hamlet of West Glenville, then took a right on North Road:

From North Road I took 147 for a bit then went down Eastern Ave, past some farms

Then I hit Division St, which ends up on this really nice wooded climb before it hits route 147.

Then I headed back to school through Scotia, it's a bit busy with traffic so I opted not to take the camera out again.


  1. Hey thanks for these - looks like wicked beautiful riding! (though the amount of snow still sticking around there is frightening)

    ps I though Washout Road was where UNH once tried to host a race

  2. Note how clear the roads are though, clearly they know how to manage snow up there. This looks awesome to ride through.

  3. Great post man. Very pretty over there in NY state. I need to take more pics too. I have it set up so I can send photos and posts straight to the blog from my cell phone now.

    I was just jerking you around about the power meter, I know raw data posts suck hard. I sure hope the posts can be about race wins or breaking personal records as I get faster.

    Ride on, sir!