Tuesday, March 24, 2009

ECCC Ladies, Race Recaps, and Break

Ok, today's post will cover several topics. One being about women in the ECCC, the second being my racing and the third my spring break. Get ready.

1) WTF Ladies of the ECCC? Seriously, I'm so disappointed with you guys this week. There is some major suckitude going on here. The turn out this week, absolutely TERRIBLE! I mean only 4 hardcore ladies for the A road race and just 5 for the intro crit? What is going on? I mean, Delaware isn't that far away. You gals missed a great event, and really took a lot away from the momentum we had going. When you don't show up, potential riders will look at the results and say "I'm not going to do ECCC events if we only have 4 racers," and we'll be hurting in the long run. I'm expecting big results for the Philly Phyler, which is looking to be a great event once again!

2) My racing thus far has been less than great. In general I've been a big wimp, and I've been making stupid mistakes during, or before races. For example,  during the Grant's Tomb crit, I was in good form, I threw an early attack and I was sitting pretty comfortable in the field. The race was going pretty well and I was fancying myself for a respectable result. However, with 3 laps to the finish I started to feel incredibly nauseous and my morning $0.99 latte repeated on me. I actually pulled out of the field, right by the start finish and threw up right next to Caitlin, who was less than amused.  The next day I did the Stevens Tech Crit. I finished, kind of. That's all I have to say about that. 

This past weekend I went on down to Delaware. This being part of my spring break I got to travel down with argyle clad Colby guy Josh, who will be travelling with me throughout the week. We left his house in CT on Friday and stayed at Joe and Caitlin's house. It was pleasant, we bought them vegan cookies. 

The Road Race on Saturday went  ok, but not great. I wasn't in difficulty the whole race and generally felt we went pretty slow. There were only two downsides, the first being that I didn't really get the line I wanted into the last important turns and the second being the entire UVM team was giving me a hard time about not attacking. Had I known before hand that they would have let me go, I would have attacked. Thanks fellas. 

The next day I did the crit. I stuck in there for a while, but there was a moment where  a small gap opened up and I didn't grit my teeth to get back on and I just gave up. MAJOR WIMP OUT. I guess I need to learn to suffer some more. 

3) Spring break is here. I've been in Washington DC, I've been crashing at my sister's house and travelling with Josh. The weather is about 20 degrees warmer than in Schenectady. The riding is good, but it's kind of a pain to get outside the city. Oh well, good miles, sun and not too cold. 

Here's some photos:

(Josh Just Before Monday's Ride)

(Having fun on a bike path on Tuesday)

(Josh on the C&O Tuesday)

(Me on the C&O Tuesday)

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  1. I deeply considered going to Delaware, but I think that they had the curse of bad timing. Looking across the board the numbers seemed low- both for men and women. I expect that a number of other schools, like MHC, were on their spring break, scattering teams across the nation. It was nothing against the race itself (it actually looked fun) but it was really just the timing.

    We will, however, be at Philly, kicking ass and taking names.