Wednesday, April 29, 2009


As the warm weather rolls into Schenectady and the ECCC season draws to a close I've determined my academics have been finally been taking the hit. 

Between training, organizing my trip out to Colorado, reading the ECCC blogosphere and the recent spike in Pro Races to  watch, I've slowly become what I hate the most: A Liberal Arts Major. A lazy bum, who barely attends class and wastes away his days reading and playing wiffle ball. 

As opposed to my usual routine of waking up at 8, getting work done, going to class, training and then doing more work; I've gotten into the habit of sleeping in, riding more hours, and generally avoiding work.  This has been a major issue as my academic and other requirements the last few weeks have been piling up, and I've been wasting away the hours out in the sunlight and online. Right now my work load and to-do list is as follows:
  • Continuous work on my senior project (Finite Element Analysis and ordering parts)
  • Homework assignments for Design of Mechanical Systems
  • Presentation to prepare for the Echelon Collegiate Leadership Conference
  • Presentation to prepare for my Steinmetz Symposium
  • Study for the FE Exam...(ok that was last week)
  • Prepare for 3 hour midterm for my history class
  • Colorado Arrangements
  • Write the ECCC Survey
  • Clean my room
  • Clean my bikes (I have 5)
Oh, not to mention that with the next 2 weeks I'll be gone for half of them.

After my Steinmetz presentation Friday, I'll quickly hop in a Van (Thanks UVM) head down to Penn State, do the Races, return to Schenectady Late Sunday Night. Go to class Monday, pack my bike and gear, class Tuesday morning, fly out of Albany to Colorado Tuesday Afternoon. Then be on some panels Weds, Thurs in Fort Collins. Race Friday and Saturday, fly back Sunday, go to class Monday and take a make-up 3 hour midterm. 

So, while this is all going to be fun and exciting it's also caused me to shut down a bit. So thanks you ECCC Bloggers for giving me something to do while I sit behind my computer screen avoiding work. 



  1. Welcome to Engineering, leave your social life at the door...

  2. Its just engineering, everything you do requires some type of formula. At least you get to sleep, but I haven't posted or pulled a full race weekend in three weeks because of my workload.

    And cleaning your bikes does not count as work.

  3. APerez, I'm a senior in engneering and I still manage to make it to all the races. I only missed 2 collegiate weekends since the start of MTB season in the fall, that's all of MTB, CX and Road -2! I only skipped MIT because of the Fundementals of Engineering Exam.

    AJ- I said it was a to do list.

  4. Quick tip: Try sitting in FRONT of your computer screen. You'll see more pretty pictures.

  5. I'll know how you feel next year, as I will be a senior. So I will take my shots while I can still get them...on a side a note, how did your FE go? I had a lot of friends take them last weekend too...