Thursday, April 2, 2009

Quick Pre-Weekend notes.

A few notes to post before the Army weekend.... I like to keep you, the adoring public, informed. 
  1. I am featured in way too many Mount Holyoke videos. First they were making fun of my burlap sweater cape type thing, now they are making fun of my amazing crash reaction skills. 
  2. I need to re-submit my final senior project report. All 60 pages of it plus appendices. Damn.
  3. I don't have a place to stay this weekend. Could be a problem.... Although I managed last year after showing up with no plans, thanks to the Northeastern squad.
  4. There are too many UVM riders. 
  5. Racing B's this weekend after much debate, thanks commenters
  6. I went for a 3 hour ride today, it as warm and sunny. That was great.
  7. I totally got all you ECCC bloggers. I made people cry. Could be the crowning achievement of the year. 
That's it. Yeah, this post was lame...


  1. Screw you, at least race A's starting next weekend. If you can sit on a bike for 3hrs while travelling somewhere under your own power, you can race A's.

  2. We make fun because we love! So much love!

    We're staying somewhere super classy (cheapest we could find) and lying about how many people we're bringing already. As a reconciliation gift, MHC offers you floorspace. Maybe even a fold out bed or something.