Saturday, May 16, 2009

Nationals Quotables.

I went to Nationals in Colorado, it was ok. I had fun, I gave a few talks. 

I stayed with:
Tim (Drexel)
Frances (Mount Holyoke)
Emma (Mount Holyoke)

These People showed up:
Chuck (BC Alum)
Joe K (ECCC Socialite)

Here are some quotes:

"Does sketchiness on the road lead to sketchiness in bed?" - Frances 

"Humility is my best quality" - Me

"Build Me Up Butter Cup....."

"So Joe, are you practicing for when you have a baby?" - Emma, then Tim, after Joe wearing a  backpack on the front. 

"Just turn over steve and think of England" -Frances  

"I got hit by parked car" -Chuck

"Since when have you been racing A's?" -Chuck On my being at Nationals

"Frances is a creeper at a subconscious level... even while she's asleep" 

"Is this how you win races? Cause no one wants to be near you?" - Tim on MHC cycling

"Water bottles travel through the internet"-Tim

"How badly do you need it, describe it in great detail"-Emma

"eating a liquid substance with a fork is a mistake" -Chuck

"Think army is pissed off at us?"- Chuck 

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