Wednesday, May 6, 2009

RIT WOOT! Cluster F to Fort Collins

RIT Woot!

RIT, you guys win, Hands down. I'm pretty sure there was an RIT rider at every ECCC MTB,
 cross, and road race this academic year. I love the enthusiasm and large numbers despite having no riders higher than Men's C or Women's B on the road. You guys are definitely the winners of the collegiate spirit award for your commitment to travel, beer and bike racing. Especially because the University of Rochester barely shows up at anything.....

(RIT Tent, showing 'em how it's done at the Philly Phlyer)

Cluster F to Fort Collins
Today's post comes to you from the Hilton Inn Fort Collins. I'm sitting on a king size bed, watching possibly the greatest movie of all time Cool Runnings. I'm using as inspiration for upcoming races in the Collegiate National Championships. Needless to say, I'm getting excited. 

But before I can race I need my bike. That's right I managed to make it here without my bike or even my bag. Why? Because Charlotte NC blows hardcore. 

My original plan was fly Albany to Charlotte, 1 hour layover then Charlotte to Denver, where I'd meet up with Tim (Drexel) and Emma (Mount Holyoke) for the short bus ride to Fort Collins. However, rolling thunderstorms got my flight to Charlotte diverted to Columbia SC, where I spent 2.5 hours on the tarmac, frantically trying to get on a later flight out of Charlotte.  Meanwhile, Emma got diverted from Philly to Charlotte, then Charlotte to Ashville.  I eventually got Charlotte at 8:45 (originally planned to arrive at 4:50), I managed to catch the 8:10 flight to Denver, as it had been delayed by the weather and sprinted through the Airport to catch it just as the door was closed. 

I slept the flight to Denver, where I caught up with Tim and Emma got stuck in Charlotte overnight. She'll hopefully be getting in this morning.

Of course, my bike and bag didn't make it, but I got on a shuttle to the hotel and Tim and I arrived at 1:30 am. 

So after 13 hours of travel I made it to the hotel and am now waiting around to speak at the Echelon Collegiate Leadership Conference later today. 



  1. I thought we were friends! Ouch.

  2. RIT gets points for being the only team to answer our call for pics and video for the ECCC season video.

  3. Well, to be fair, I think we missed MTB easterns in Maine. But shhhh... don't tell anyone! Thanks for the shout outs. It really helps to know that the other teams (well, at least 2 of them now) have welcomed us into the ECCC with the open arms they have. If it weren't for you guys making it so much fun to drive 12 hours for 2 hours of racing, we wouldn't do it. And as far as having nobody above men's C and women's B, just wait till next year... Last year we were all men's D and intro, with no women at all!