Friday, June 5, 2009

Shamless Self Promotion

I was featured in a story by Union College, you can find it here in the Chronicle.

Tuesday, June 2, 2009

Catching up, feeling fast.

It's been a while since a full post, and I know that my dear readers are might dissapointed that I'm dropping the ball. So here's a shot at getting the typing fingers loose again.
As you may recall I went out to Colorado in early may to compete at Collegiate Nationals, it was a mixed experience. While it was great to go and represent my school, meet new people and obviously get a free trip to Colorado courtesy of Union College, I was still unhappy with my results. In short, I attacked the road race, early, got caught, dropped off the back, chased for a LONG time and then eventually DNF'd. Things weren't much better in the crit where I quickly went backwards and was pulled and placed. But, whatever, like I said, it was awesome just to go and miss a week of class. 

After a return to campus, I went on out to race the Tour of Syracuse, where I had ok results. I attacked in the crit and just missed out on a prime, to the guy who eventually won, I ended up in the bunch. On day two I was BAD in the time trial the, and dropped in the road race, but I chased for a long time and still managed to finish in the middle of the pack for the weekend omnium for cat 3. Solid, and fun weekend. 

The next weekend, I went on home to visit the folks, raced wells ave and didn't do much else besides sit on the couch.

Now this past weekend, I did the Saratoga crit, and was pretty happy with my condition in the 3/4 race.  With three teammates from NAV, (Belchak,  Curven and Simms) we spent most of the race on the front, controlled the pace and really worked well. I attacked to get a prime, and just got nipped by a dude. Then later, we were all on the front and I went again, but couldn't get away, even with teammates blocking. Sadly, at 7 to go I got a flat and jumped back in the race, fought my way through the field and ended up 12th in the sprint. Not a fantastic result, but considering I got a flat and had been really agressive in the race I'm happy.

(Belchak and I ripping it up)

I was planning to do the elite race later in the day, but sadly a woman died in the open race due to a medical condition and it was cancelled. See more in yesterday's post

Up next I've got the Balloon Festival Road Race, then not riding for a while as I'm leading up to my graduation on June 14th.  Then back to Boston where I'll finally get to hang with the Green Line Velo Crew and live the life of a mostly unemployed college graduate.

Until next time