Wednesday, July 8, 2009

Back at it... kind of

Once again, I've dropped the ball on keeping you the people updated. I think it's been over a month since the last full post about, life, liberty and the pursuit of bike racing. But I guess I'll just dive right in and get down and dirty with what's been happening.

So, my last full post, was back in June where I recounted tales from the Saratoga Crit. The following weekend I signed up for the Balloon Fest road race, in Cambridge NY. Basically, it was a 13 mile rolling loop with a steep climb at mile 7 that strung out the field. As I had been fighting a cold I wasn't looking forward to racing, but wanted to help out the North Atlantic Velo boys before I changed squads with my move back to the Boston area. Anyways, fighting my cold I lined up and rolled out with the crew for 50+ miles of racing. On lap 1 I knew I was in trouble, as even though I reached the top of the climb in the main group, I spent the entire descent getting a
second taste of my breakfast. Then when I reached the bottom, I found myself in a chase group with some teammates and we eventually go back on the field after working well together. This happened on laps 2 and 3 as well (without the puking though) and I finally got dropped on the last lap and chased my way finishing 2 min or so behind the main field.

After feeling just awful I drove back to school and took a nap, which lasted from 4pm Saturday to 9am Sunday.

The following week was the beginning of exams and I knocked out a report for my senior project, about 50 pages, took my one final and competed in a robot design competition. With all of that done by Tuesday, I spent Weds-Fri at senior week events, drinking beer, playing golf and seeing a multimillion dollar car collection of a Union Alum. Then the family came out on Friday, relaxed Saturday and graduated Sunday. A pretty solid week.


Then post graduation, a day at home, a 3 day swing up to Montreal then back home for a weekend of work at the bike shop. Including a romp at Wells Ave, where I learned I had lost all my fitness after 2 weeks of not riding and drinking beer. Monday off from work, then Tuesday-Wednesday to Colorado for a job interview and back to boston for a few days of work. Whew.

Worked Monday, Tuesday at the shop then got Wednesday through Saturday off, where I spent all my time hosting, helping, driving, feeding and cheering the Green Line Velo crew. Capping off with watching an awesome Road Race on Saturday (July 4th) staying from 9am to the end of the Pro Race at 5 and closing out the day with BBQ at Frances' (MHC Alum) House. Generally a good week.

Now, I've worked a few more days at the shop, I've been watching the Tour de France and generally lounging as the thunderstorms keep me indoors. Basically, it's been a whirlwind of June and now I need to get my act together and sort out the rest of my life.


Coming up next is the Attleboro crit on Saturday where I hope for some GLV domination. Hoot!

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