Monday, August 31, 2009

PhotoBlog Ride in Maine

Just went on vacation up to the North Woods in Maine, had a great time and brought the new bike. It is so incredibly beautiful and serene up there. I often wonder why I don't just live out of a wooden shack.

Below are some photos and a map of the ride.

I started by heading to Stevens Road and got off of Harfords Point.

Then I took Harfords Point Road to get to route 6&15

After I left Harfords point I got on routes 6 & 15 heading north.

Here's a view off Mt. Kineo off in the distance as I went north on Route 6 &15

Here's the view as I crossed the Kennebec River at it's headwaters from Moosehead Lake.

Eventually I got to Rockwood and here's the Right turn to get down to the village.

Upon arriving in Rockwood I took a few moments to eat a sandwich and take in the View. Here's my new bike along the shores of Moosehead Lake.

Here's a great shot of Mt. Kineo from Rockwood.

Another Shot of Kineo.

From Rockwood I headed west down the Moose River.

There's only one Town between Rockwood and Canada, all that Jackman has is a General Store.

Heading down a hill near Brassau Lake.

At some point near Jackman I turned around and went back to camp. Here's a view of Big Squaw on my way home.

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  1. Like it dude. Moosehead Lake is great, there's no one up there, perfect.