Thursday, August 13, 2009

Thoughts on Summer Racing and Cyclocross

Thoughts on Summer racing:

As summer passes and the days get shorter, the New England humidity kicks in and occasionally I do a race. This season, like those in the past I've done only a few races here and there, along with a few romps at Wells Ave. In July and August I've done Attleboro Criterium, the Gate City Criterium and the Witches Cup this summer and plan on doing no more road racing until September 20th, or perhaps next season. So as my road season draws to a close I've made a few realizations on life, racing and training. Mostly due to my exceptionally poor results at the Gate City P/1/2/3 race as well as the Witches Cup P/1/2/3. The lessons break down as follows:

  • I still cannot hang in a P/1/2/3 or Collegiate A race (even after many attempts)
  • In order to be fast I should actually train once in a while
  • Working two jobs does not help one get faster
  • There are no errant wheels to grab in P/1/2/3 races and I should start nudging my way in
  • Summertime is far to hot a period to be racing bicycles.

On a lighter note though, I have noticed that I am a bit faster than last year, as I am winning more primes this season at Wells ave than in years past. This based on two key factors, the first being excellent lead outs from the members of Green Line Velo, and the second being that I can actually sprint worth a damn. A good example being one sprint last week at wells ave, where an NEBC guy tried to come around me and I just pedaled faster and beat him by a mile.

So in retrospect I can make several conclusions about my road racing abilities and this season. First, it helps a ton to have teammates, second strategy is everything and third I'm not quite ready to be a respectable rider in a P/1/2/3 race yet, but I can definetly put the hurt on a Cat 3/4 race. Perhaps I'll do the Portsmouth crit next month and go for the W in the 3 race.

Cyclocross 2009!

Oh yes, it is almost here. I can't wait, I've got big, big, BIG plans for this season. Last year, my first real attempt, was an unmitigated disaster. I never once finished in the top half of the field (in B races), I was often lapped and my bike was far below standard. Additionally, I was way under prepared as my training/race schedule was terrible:

  • Monday = Relax
  • Tuesday = Watch TV
  • Wednesday = Go to Albany 'cross training ride or Drink Beer
  • Thursday = Drink Beer
  • Friday = Leave for race
  • Saturday = Race, then drink beer
  • Sunday = Race, then Drive home

And after a slew of marginal results at best I realized that for this season I'm actually going to physically prepare myself for 'cross season. I also am making an investment in a far superior bike, (arriving this week) and I shall drink a little less beer. Additionally my goals last season were usually along the lines of: have fun, don't get last and ride the running sections. This season the goals are a slightly different: have fun, ride the running sections, and finish in the top 10 in a Verge Series B race. While the contrast may seen small the work required is far greater and I'm looking forward to the challenge.

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