Tuesday, September 29, 2009

Green Mountain Cross

Not much to say aside from having mixed feelings about my results.

Today I'll go with highs/lows format

  • Staying in Burlington on Hyde St, with some of the UVM crew, man those kids are nuts
  • Day 2 Mud was fun
  • Finished mid pack each day (about a 2o-30 place improvement from last year in B races)
  • Met more cool 'cross people
  • Not dying the entire race like last year
  • The Alchemist on the way home
  • Buckley crashed me at whistle on day 1, spent the rest of the race moving up, getting through traffic.
  • Over half the 3 race was pulled on Day 1 because the leader of the U-19 race had a 2 minute head start. Most annoying.
  • Day 2, another crappy start, had to spend forever getting through traffic.
  • Having to clean 10 pounds of mud and grass off my bike after day 2.
  • Day 2 course was LONG!
  • Failed to achieve goal of getting Verge Points
  • My shoes are at the end of their life and must be replaced
  • LONG sustained climbs, flats, false flats on Day 2.
Lessons Learned:
  • Find holes at the start and move up quickly, "the race can't be won, but it can be lost from the gun"
  • Get ahead of slow people heading into corners.
  • I should be happy with my improvements over last year, but I'm not.
  • Gloucester should be fun.
  • UVM Derek is a tool.
  • New Wheelworks Jersey fits kinda funny.
  • The season is long. I should be getting stronger as the season gets longer.


  1. need to clarify that I did not technically cause the crash, it was the moron that freaked out and hooked my bars, thus causing me to go down. Also, my apologies.