Tuesday, October 27, 2009

Downeast Disasters

What can I say? This weekend was so frustrating, nothing went my way, but whatever, there's always another bike race. I've just got to put this behind me.

Oh, wait, I've started summing up before explaining what happened.

Day 1

Right, so day 1, was cold, wet and muddy. I had a slow start and didn't care. The course was so wide I figured that people would just fall over and I would move up. Which is exactly what happened. I didn't try to pace with people, I didn't try and chase, I didn't to anything but ride a pace I could manage.

It working out great, I was in the top 25, VERGE POINTS! I was riding a good tempo and I just was hoping to hang on. But of course, I flatted just before the bell, lost 10 places, got a neutral wheel and eventually came in 35th. F@#K! Oh wait, that is still my best Verge finish. WTF! Why am I so mad!?

Day 2

Day 2, not much better. While the skies had cleared, and it was a beautiful sunny day, the course was still a super muddy affair. The game plan was the same, stay upright and on the bike, ride my tempo and pass people who fall down. Again, worked out great, I was moving, the first climb I must have passed 20 people. I was moving up so well I was in the top 10 or 15, just slogging along without a care in the world.

Then disaster strikes, coming around a corner I bashed my shoulder into a fence post, and crashed. Then I come through the barriers and not 15 seconds later I crash again on an off-camber dip. So I quickly get up, run to the pit and get a bike, which Buckley had graciously lent to me for the day.

I was like, "ok, I've got a clean bike, I can see the leaders and I'm feeling good. What the hell is this red stuff on my hands and top tube? " Apparently it was blood gushing from my nose as I bombed down the hill, and it was not clotting. So I did what I thought was the wise decision and dropped out before I got too light headed. Argh, frustration, but yeah there's always another bike race.

Redemption... Kind Of.

After the race though, things picked up, I was asked to pit for Canadian Couple Natasha Elliott and Derrick St John for both the Women's Elite race and the Men's elite race. That was cool, I stood in the pit (with Frances) and we tag teamed the catch and release pit method, and washed Natasha's bike. It was pretty fun and Natasha got 3rd. Then I did the same for Derrick on my own and he got 8th, after breaking his A bike on the last lap.

So, it wasn't a total loss. I didn't race well, but I had a good time.

Other Stuff from the weekend
  • UVM kids, Lee, Buckley, and even Pat are hilarious.
  • I heckled Nate Ward with "I wish I took a class at Schenectady Community College with Professor Ward!" His response "That's INSTRUCTOR Ward to you!" with a big 'ol smile.
  • Nevin and his parents being Awesome hosts
  • Frances is now a sandbagger, she won both of the Women's B races.
  • Colin flipped me off on day 1, not really sure why....

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  1. I flipped you off because you were like the 8th person on that lap to 'cheer' that "Kevin's beating you!!"

    I flip off people with shitty creativity when I'm sucking. What can I say?