Wednesday, October 7, 2009

Gloucester Day 2 Race Report

What a difference a day makes and let me tell you, after my awful day 1. I was looking for a chance at redemption.

I arrived wicked early for my 1pm start, probably around 9AM, which was great. Once again the Wheelworks crew was there with the tent and I had another home-base for the day. Shortly after arrival I kitted up and pre-rode the course. It was awesome, switchbacks, bumps, off camber turns, and a pretty minimal amount of long grassy sections. Between the Women's race and some of the masters events I think I must have gotten in 3 laps and I was feeling really happy with the course.

Eventually, I put on the skinsuit, hit the trainer and opened up the legs a bit while getting ready with a clifbar. After a while I went down to the start and lined up pretty far back, oh well. And of course it wouldn't be a cyclocross race if I didn't have a bad start, which I did, as I had trouble clipping in. But I managed to move up a bit and get in the mix.
(Early in the Race, looking Pro. Photo: Uri Halevi)

As the race went on I had a pretty good rhythm going, I was passing folk, gapping the people I was with and generally enjoying my self (despite my immense pain face) and loved being able to quickly power out all the corners and over the bumps and remaining mud.

I spent a while yoyo-ing with an Embrocation guy and eventually he got away from me, but I was not to upset about it.

(Still looking Pro. Photo: Uri Halevi)

I eventually rolled through the finish to find my parents greet me at the finish, which was cool cause they didn't know I was coming and they claimed I did pretty well. It was nice.

(Random Fans at the barriers, note: STILL looking PRO. Photo: Uri Halevi)

Final Result 45th of 90, a 36 place improvement and my best yet result in a Verge B/Cat 3 event. Hopefully I can move up another 36 places next week at Providence and into the top 10.

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