Monday, October 12, 2009

Providence Day 1 Race Report

I've had fond memories of the one time I led a cross race, it was WAY back when I did the Ice Weasels Cometh, I won the hole shot and it was pretty sweet, heck they even gave me a brownie for it. But then after a short while I realized that the front of the race is fast, so fast in fact that I bonked hard and went straight to the back. Funny how history repeats itself.

But instead of doing a sweet local race with 17 starters, make it one of the biggest events of the season with over 100 cat 3s.

I started way in the back (cause that's where the party is, duh), and for the first time this year had an awesome start. Coming into the pit I could actually see the leaders, I would guess I was in the top 15. So I did what I thought was best, go all out and try and stay up near the front.

Of course, my body had a different opinion, and after 15-20 minutes of going all out I bonked, HARD. And suddenly I was going backwards, first I was caught by some random folks, and thought, "Hey, maybe I can hang on and get a verge point." But, that' didn't happen and soon I was caught caught by top nemesis Matt, who said hi as I was beginning to die a thousand deaths. And backwards I went, until I was caught by Chris and knew that I was way off the back.

Eventually, I was all by myself, begging for a beer feed from the crowd and basically crying blood. When low and behold, the Wheelworks fan base starts screaming at me that Jeremy, my so-called teammate, had flatted way early and was on the verge of catching me. Seeing as it was the last lap I tried to stay away and failed miserably as he caught me on the very last run-up just a few hundred meters from the finish. So of course as we hit the tarmac I figured what the hell and opened up my sprint, killing myself to get around him for 72nd place, he beat me.

Don't worry there were some selected Highlights of the day:
  • Andy (wheelworks) cheering "Steve, you are a pony!" As I climbed the stairs.
  • I crashed Colin, while spectating the elite race.
  • A good start for once.
Day 2 Report en route.

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