Monday, November 30, 2009

Baystate Cross Shout Outs and Call outs

Ok fans, the race report will be coming in a day or two, but for now here's some shout outs and call outs from the weekend:

Shout Outs:
  • Adam Snyder hopping the barriers both days, and the "horse" jump on day 1
  • Powers hops the barriers on day 2, and wins both days.
  • James Morrison wins the cat 3 race both days, with from what I hear a broken finger on day 2
  • Pete Bradshaw comes up big with first UCI points on Sunday!
  • Frances gets double sixteens in her UCI debut.
  • Teammate John Crushes the Masters 45 race on Sunday.
  • Durrin misses his call up, starts in 7th row and still pulls of 8th place on day 1
  • Tim comes up big with a top ten on day 2 in the 3 race, but Union beats RPI in hockey on Saturday, SO I WIN!
Call Outs/Rants:
  • Durrin missed his call up on day 1 because he's a dink
  • Cannondale/ team is Sandbagging America
  • Cat 3 race lost like 35 dudes over the weekend, COME BACK BOYS, I need more people to beat to improve my points!
  • Why wasn't the day 2 course used before this year? It was awesome!
  • F-You Bramhall for beating me both days.
  • I'm convinced Dave Chiu's carbon wheel supply is keeping him in the running for the "Fastest Guy without a Verge Point"
  • Chris Eager is driving me nuts, beating me 7 times this year!
  • Liz looked like she was giving up in her races both days, remember: "winners never quit and quitters never win!"

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