Monday, November 2, 2009

Disaster Strikes again, and the Canton Cup I guess.

Update 5:27 PM: Photos Added!

Some races happened. Mostly in the suck, here's how it went down. I was hoping to improve on my serious bad luck from Maine.

Day 1 - Canton Cup

Right, so Canton is a wheelsucking super fast course, almost zero recovery anywhere and I decided before the race I was going to be in the suck for a littany of reasons:
  • Got there early to volunteer, which meant standing around giving people directions and making sure they didn't ride backwards on the course for 2 hours
  • Didn't warm up enough because I was too busy socializing
  • Did a warm up lap and tried to hop the barriers, only to land on the top of my head, it made me dizzy
  • I was tired.
Front row start because I was on the host team, and even then gave up. Yeah, I rode tempo the whole race. By the time I saw lap cards I was just hoping not to get lapped. I didn't, but the race still hurt, a lot. I'm not good with super-fast races with no recovery spots. But whatever.

Post race, I thought about doing the elite race, but then decided against it, because I'm seriously not fast right now and I would have been murdered. So I watched the elite race and then spent 3 hours tearing down the course and moving heavy stuff (it is SOO good for recovery).

Here I am cleaning up in Canton Photo by Uri

Day 2 - West Hill Shop Cross

I woke up on Sunday on the fence about racing at all, but I ended up waking up at 6 because of day light savings and decided to drive 2 hours out to Putney, VT to do the 3/4 race at the West Hill Shop.

Key Detail: I decided to go to Putney because it had a 3/4 race, I could have raced in Hampton Falls, NH which was 1 hour closer each way, but opted against it because I would have been forced to do the Pro/1/2/3 race.

So I got to Putney nice and early. I got registered, I warmed up. I was feeling good. I pre-rode the course, I ate and by my noon start I was ready and roaring to go. I was stoked. I sneaked on to the front row and waited for the whistle.

"Go" I moved up, kind of and tried to stay in the top half. The course had enough wide sections that I figured as long as I don't go too far back I can move up later. So I make it to a small riser, and I fight for a line, only to get shouldered into a bush. Ok, damage control, remount, pass people, whew know I'm relieved.

No, wait, disaster strikes again some guy yardsales on a muddy section and stops all traffic behind him. Ok, dismount, remount and I'm moving up again in the wider sections of the course.

Finally I make it to the run-up and I'm thinking I'm moving up, time to just ride my race. I remount at the top and have a little trouble clipping in to my pedals, eh, whatever it's probably just mud, and onwards I go. I get to the barriers and I cant clip out with my right foot. Ok, panic time, and I slam on the brakes before I smash into the barriers. I finally wiggle my way out of the pedals and walk over the barriers, and then I can't clip in. So I look down at the bottom of my shoe and see that my cleat has 1 screw holding it in place and it is rotating about.

Fine, whatever I'll try it for a lap and I start screaming to spectators "Does anybody have a size 43 SPD shoe?" No response. I ride the lap quasi-clipped in and hit the run-up, hoping someone has taken pity on me and brought a shoe to the pit, no luck.

So I pull off at the finish line, throw my bike in frustration and some dude tells me to cheer up, I explain my shoe is broken and he offers me his shoe. I throw it on, it's WAYY to big and I finally give up and tell the officials I'm quitting. Argh. Seriously, I can't go a race with out a disaster.

Ok, now it's bad decision time. All the people I know start showing up and ask me how my race was, I tell the tale and at some point the decision arises to do the Pro/1/2/3 race, cause I drove all the way out here, I'm freaking going to get a race in! Also, the weather is AMAZING and the course is SUPER fun.

So I hang out for a while, eat a sandwich, catch up with some people who are doing the elite race, and BEG Nate Ward and Al Donahue not to lap me.

Also, I learn that NAV'ers are taking bets that I'll get lapped after 3 laps. I tell them I'll hold'em off till 4 laps in.

Right, back to the start line, get the go, go straight to the back of the group and start my Solo Time Trial off the back. 4 laps in, I'm not lapped and I see 7 laps to go, awesome. I make it another lap until i get lapped by leading duo Nate Ward and Ethan Gilmour, the a minute or two later by Al Donahue. I make it another 2 laps until I get passed by Kirt Fitzpatrick and that's it, I spend the rest of the race by myself.

(Way off the back, Photo: Alan Atwood)

The only highlights were shouting at the NAV crew that I made it 5 laps before I got lapped and I had somehow gained a fan club made of some kids and parents who kept cheering me on, saying I was their favorite.

(On the "Longest Run-Up in New England" Photo:Alan Atwood)

Oh right, so I finish the race, and wait for the results. I got 11th, (WOO HOO) out of 13 starters, But the worst part is I finish ONE F*&KING PLACE out of the money. AH!!!!

WTF Weekend!


  1. Long story short, god hates bike racing. Buy A Stock Car and get racing

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