Tuesday, November 24, 2009

Whitmore Cup Weekend Race Report

Instead of doing the logical thing by staying local and racing in Lowell, I did the more awesome thing and headed on down to Southampton Long Island for the Whitmore Super Cross Cup. I spent the boat ride with Colin, Linnea and Sara and was picked up on the other side of Long Island Sound by Cornell Jake , who graciously hosted me all weekend.

The major reason for going was that I had challenged Sully to go and the stakes were high, six of belgium's currency to the victor each day. There was also the added benefit of rubbing my glorious victory in Sully's face after he called me out on the interwebs.

Day 1
There's really not a whole lot to say about my race on Day 1. But, here goes:
Had a pretty good start and tried to find a rhythm early. I eventually found myself away from the key players, but somewhere near "Vente" as a CRCA Foundation fan cheered to his teammate in front of me. I then hung in this spot for a while with a group of 5 or 6 until Buckley came along and we separated ourselves. Then after a short conversation we agreed he'd pull on the flats and I'd lead through the technical sections until we got to the finish. Problem was, he was a little too strong on the flats and dropped me pretty quickly.By this time the UVM fan-base had instructed me that I had a solid gap on Sully, so I was content to maintain position.

(Day 1 Barriers were SUPA-fast)

Soon after I started to catch people on my own and found myself in a group of 5 including Bramhall. But things changed on a weird sandy section though when I was 3rd wheel and the guy in front of me bobbled causing me to be gapped. Bramhall then came around offered to pull me back to the group. I hung on through the long tarmac section, but then got gapped in the woods. I rode the rest of the race by myself and finished 24th of 46, but I had soundly beat Sully and I was happy. I then spent the afternoon doing this, it was a crowd pleaser.

Day 2
On day two all I really wanted to do was have a solid race, my day 1 result was ok, but hoped I could do better on day 2. Which I did, after some hardship.

At the start we go flying down some tarmac, until a right hander onto some grass. As I'm trying to stay with the field I felt some wheel clip the back of my bike, but I fight to stay upright, as a Rutgers rider goes down onto the grass (See Video below at 5:01). I take a breath of relief as we go through the finishing stretch back onto tarmac. I'm finally ready to move up when the course makes a left hand turn onto some grass, so I shift up and prepare to accelerate. Then Disaster strikes. My chain gets stuck and I go flying over the handle bars and curl into the fetal position as the pack rips by, praying I don't get run over. When they pass get up and I fix my bike, which apparently had the rear wheel knocked out of the dropouts by the aforementioned Rutgers rider and after 30 seconds I get going again, seeing the back of the race off in the distance.

I now go full gas to get back in the race. I soon close down the gap and after half a lap I'm back in the game at the back of the race. I start weaving around people and move up, a lot. I catch Cornell Jake and Sully, and then drop them, and I continue to move up. This trend happens for the rest of race and I finally get so far forward that I get 4-5 seconds behind Cornell Jake, and go as hard as I can on the last lap in an attempt to lap him, but he just beats me at the finish (see video below 11:48). Final result 19th of 47, sweet, better than the day before. And yes, I bested Sully once again.

Lastly, Pete Bradshaw took made this cool video of the races from both days, I make appearances at, 0:45, 1:52 on Day 1, the crash from Day 2 is at 5:01, and I can be seen at 11:22 and 11:48.

Whitmore's Landscaping Super Cross Cup, B Men from Peter Bradshaw on Vimeo.

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