Tuesday, December 1, 2009

I Am Fastest Guy Without a Verge Point!

Ok, well not really, according to the data I am actually the 2nd fastest guy without a Verge point. (DAMN YOU OWEN POPE!) Which is like being the king of the losers to the king of the losers, it's sad, it's pathetic, and it is gosh darn frustrating.

So remember way back when I changed my season goals? Yup, I've failed, although I do have MAC points... Whatever, I've had fun along the way. At least I'm leaps and bounds over teammate Jeff Z, JElie, BU Matt, and Dave Chiu's Carbon wheels.

Other titles for the fastest guy without a verge point are:
  • Captain of the USS Mediocrity
  • Lord of Shit Island
  • The Fastest Guy to Not Go Fast
  • Chairman of the "Almost There" Club
  • King of the Guys who place 26th->40th
  • His Emmence, the Ruler of Suck
These were the rules:
-Only applies to Verge NECCS Races.
-Riders that have finished in the points (Top-25) are not eligible.
26th -10pts, 27th-9pts, 28th-8pts, 29th-7pts, 30th-6pts, 31st-5pts,32nd-4pts, 33rd-3pts, 34th-2pts, 35th->40th-1pt. (Last one because that means you're usually top half)
-Valid for riders that have competed in at least 4 Verge NECCS Races.

Oh, and if he hadn't gotten his lone top 25 this weekend, Bramhall would be the fastest guy without a Verge Point.

Lastly, I'm implementing a rule that anyone who has Verge Points is banned from the 3/4 race at Ice Weasels! Wait, I'm not sure I have that kind of power....yet. Ok, I'll give you endless grief about it.

Thanks to Colin for data wrangling.

Ok, NBX is now a last ditch effort to not suck.


  1. this is an amazing idea. since I don't even finish in the top half I can base my season goals off of trying to score points in the steve hopengarten guys who aren't that good series now.

  2. My season goals....beat the Steve Hopengarten...accomplished? I think so...I beleive a grudge match is in order for this weekend

  3. I think I will try to make a comeback at the Ice weasel. It is all dependant on my ability to actually get a secure way of fastening my chain to the chainring.

    Fastest of the not fast. I think this is a highly dubious statistic. Might not even really count as a statistic. I think that it is probably like being the the guy that has the most 'game with the ladies' when he is 30 years old, living at home (in the basement). Good work, I guess

  4. Not sure why I'm mentioned in this post...not only are we not teammates but I only did 3 total Verge races in Cat 3's, NoHo wknd and one day of Providence. Furthermore, your failed quest at Verge points has only furthered the general lameness of the Verge races. Cross was never supposed to have 100 guys in one field, especially with the top 15 sandbagging since the first week.

    Additionally, let the record show that I came into this season with no form after kidney surgery in the summer. So suck on that.