Tuesday, December 15, 2009

The Ice Weasels Came... and KICKED ASS!

Ok, I may have said earlier that Northampton was the best weekend of the cross season, I'm going to amend that. The Ice Weasels Cometh rocked! Using a very scientific scoring method which took in the amount of free beer, snow, donut hand-ups, heckling, heckling over the PA, general chaos, huge crowds and free beer I've made the following chart to illustrate just how cool the weasels was:
How It Went Down:
I signed up for the cat 3 race, and learned upon arrival that I'd be racing with the master's 35+ cat 3's as well, bringing the field to about 40 starters. Which was a new thing and kinda co0l. Anyways, thanks to my CrossResults.com points I got a pretty sweet third row start. I immediately tried to be really crafty and take the right hand line over the cabbage to get to the front with no success and settled in the top 10. Then the race lined out as we went through the first lap and I tried my best to settle in with the leaders. But I got distracted when the AWESOME CROWD was screaming for us as we went through the barriers:

(Wicked Awesome Peeps! photo: Joshua Garlich)

So after the barriers the field to continued to line out and I just decided to ride my race. But on the 2nd lap I crashed on an icy turn around a tree and lost a spot, then at the end of the 2nd lap I crashed on another icy turn just after the finish line, and on the third lap I cased the barriers and fell on my face, but the crowd cheered me on and I got going again. So, on the fourth lap I took a beer feed at full speed going over the barriers while I was in 7th place or so and the crowd went nuts! That was great. From there I had a little back and forth with BU Matt, but he got away from me eventually and I wrapped up the season with a solid 10th place finish.

Post Race
After the race I immediately pounded some brews, then changed and ran over to the PA system to begin an afternoon of heckling via loudspeaker. I managed to get most of the people I know pretty well and hung there for the Women's Race and the Men's 1/2/3 race. The number 1 victim: Ryan Kelly. Who got double lapped, but had a six lap advantage on the leaders because he was awarded a lap by me for every beer he drank on course. Also, Kyle Smith took a beer feed, but his white shoes kept on going. There was guy in a speedo and Mike Rowell took third place on a single speed. Also, by some miracle Colin started way in the back and crushed souls to eventually finish in 5th, while taking dollar preems, and beer feeds. Everything was supa-fun and I got to meet Thom, who was chief assistant heckler on the day.

This report is kinda short, but the crowd was great, the course was great, the weather was cold, the beer was free, the heckling was first class and I had an enormous amount of fun. Very special thanks to Colin, Thom, Kevin, Wilcox and the others that put on the standard by which all over grassroots events should be compared!

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  1. nice graphs! there should be more statistics rated on a scale of 1-wandering around in outer space, i think.