Thursday, December 10, 2009

Ice Weasels Pre-Race Report!

Oh, I am so ready for the Ice Weasels. I'm excited, it's for sure the biggest race of the season, I think there's some other local race out in Oregon this weekend, but WHO CARES? I mean the race has WEASELS in the name! How could it not be awesome!

Anyways, I've got plans, big, enormous, outrageous, ludicrous, splendorous, fantastical plans for complete and utter domination in the 3/4 race. It's a big deal, a really, really big deal. Probably going to be the most important race I ever do in my life, way bigger than when I did collegiate nationals this spring, way bigger than Gloucester and way, way bigger than any Verge race, because honestly who cares about verge points? I don't!

So, over the last few weeks I've been building up to my training plan to peak just in time for the weasels, it wasn't that I had bad races out in Sterling or at NBX, not at all, I was actually just tapering in preparation for the Weasels. You know that old saying"go slower to get faster," that's exactly what I've been doing.... Because unlike everybody else I've been focusing my whole season around the Ice Weasels, so while everybody else is burned out I'll be ready and roaring to go. In fact, my heart rate is spiking in anticipation of 11am this Saturday at White Barn Farm, crap I better calm down so I can maximize my recovery.

Ahhhhh, deep breaths, Ahhhhh.

So I don't want to say to much and give away my secrets, but I'll leave you all with some pictures of what I've been doing in preparation:

The final result should look like this, but add cyclocross bikes and snow:

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