Wednesday, December 9, 2009

NBX Race Reports

I'll be pretty brief with these two race reports, because frankly they are both pretty uninteresting.

Day 1
On day one the weather was cold and wet and windy and I started in the 3rd to last row. I was wicked timid at the start and spent a while at the back of the race. About 2 laps in I was moving up and found myself around the usual suspects but for whatever reason I just couldn't get going, my heart rate was way low, I was not really psyched to race and I basically just phoned it in once I decided do ride the whole beach, which I did, but then I got pass by 15 people on the short run at the end. So, I kind of gave up and rode tempo the rest of the day, finishing 66th of 82 and not being lapped, which is pretty good especially when I actually tried last year and came in DFL on day 1.

(At the barriers on lap 1, I think I'm already giving up, Photo: lodri)

(Riding the beach "wicked fahr dude!" photo: lodri)

Oh and at one point I just threw my bike over the barriers and then ran to go pick it up to keep riding.

Day 2
On day 2 I was a bit more motivated, it had snowed the night before and the skies were clear and sunny. I started in the second to last row and moved up pretty quickly hearing from the fans that I had made my way into the top 25 or so, but I faded a bit as the race went on and finished in the 30's, it was a better day, a good way to cap off the season and the course was fun so I was happy. Although, I was hit with the sad realization that after 14 races I had accumulated exactly ZERO Verge points. I'll get 'em next year!

Wait, I forgot to mention that I had an epic battle with Johnny, how could I forget that! Right, so he started well in the back like me and about 3 laps in he had made it up to my wheel, so I tried my best to get a gap and get rid of any stench of UVM that would be anywhere near me and I thought I lost him. But on the last lap after the second beach section Johnny had made his way back up to me and was right on my wheel. So I did something really crafty, I sat on a Corey Masson's wheel until the very last woods section and passed Corey on the inside of a turn, leaving only one inch between Corey and a Tree for Johnny to sneak through. And I put on the gas, but the little basterd wouldn't go a way and he managed to get back on my wheel down the finishing straight, I tried to out sprint him, but he just came around me at the end. Actually, I wasn't sprinting, I let him take 33rd because it was his birthday and I'm a nice guy like that.

Oh, by the way thanks Matt, for telling me to ride through that big puddle each lap, my toes froze over!

Day 2 Heckles:
  • "Steve you look pretty!" - Colin
  • "Make me proud or make me laugh!" -Liz
  • "Steve- Johnny's coming to get you!" -Hamlin
  • "Steve, are you kidding me? Quit phoning it in!" -Bramhall?
  • "Wheelworks, you know you want a cookie feed!" -Anonymous
Stay tuned for my Ice Weasels preparation report!


  1. I would have thought that after your stellar ride at WNSP, you'd be ready to draw blood at NBX.

  2. Nah dude, this weekend was just really just a warm up for my domination in the Ice Weasels 3/4 race.