Thursday, December 3, 2009

Wednesday Night Super Prestige Finals Race Report

Yeah, that's right, I'm doing a WNSP race report! Why? because I don't want to talk about Baystate 'Cross, and WNSP is way cool.

The field was stacked. I couldn't believe it, there was UCI points hero Pete Bradshaw, the Alpha Colin ,McKittrick , the former enemy #1, Mashburn, Mr. White Sidi's Smith, Matt, Yash, Natalia, and Christine, along with a few others. Also, the weather was freakishly warm for a December night, a balmy 50 degrees and I knew that I was in trouble I hate racing when it's hot. So with these two key factors I imeditaly assumed that my ass was going to be handed to me on a silver platter.

Right, so we set up the bikes for the lemans start in the dark and line up a 20 meters away. Matt cheated by using a rock to prop his bike upright, while the rest of us had to pick up our rigs from the grass. So the Alpha Colin gives the "GO" and wins the hole shot, because he's a cheater, but then he dialed it back a bit because he, "felt bad about it." Meanwhile I run to my bike and get entangled with McKittrick who inadvertantly knocks my bike over while I'm picking it up. But soon after we get going and I find myself in a respectable 4th position behind Bradshaw, Kyle Smith and McKittrick. Things stay this way for the first few laps as I try my darndest to hang up with the big boys.

Sometime later though McKitttrick and I get gapped a little bit, and I do a huge pull to get us up to Kyle, the Alpha Colin and Bradshaw. Whew, what a relief, just as I get ready to sit up and recover the Alpha Colin attacks and Mckittrick pulls through to try and cover. But we can't.

Then McKittrick crashes soon after, around a tight corner while muttering "fucking file treads" and I'm all alone trying to catch the leaders. But by know McKittrick is bearing down upon me again, with Glowa and a Back Bay Rider with him. A lap or so later they catch me and all 3 pass me. I try disparately to hang on but I get gapped and can't close it down. So I ride another few laps by myself before dropping out.

Then I watched for a bit, jumped in again on the Bradshaw/Alpha Colin train and followed them around for a few laps, dropped out again and then got the Bradshaw train for the last 2 laps. It was fun to sit on while those two duked it out.

Post race was Burritos and Beer (hosted by the Alpha Colin), made some new friends and rode 45 minutes home in the rain before passing out for the evening.

Great way to end the WNSP season.

NBX up this weekend.

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  1. This may be WNSP's Race Report debut.

    Thanks for coming out.