Sunday, February 21, 2010

Brief Opinions of Boston Area Cycling Teams

Ok, so I remember reading on the twitter that McKittrick was going to give his opinions on the major cycling teams in and around Boston, but he hasn't yet so I decided to give it a shot. (And yes I know I'm doing this from Colorado, but I'll be back in Mass later this week.) Also, the descriptions are brief and probably inaccurate, but who cares.

The cool kids, the up and comers, the USAC team that comes closest to a collegiate squad. Masters of Cat 4 destruction. Generally awesome all around.

The hipster, twenty-somethings, lots of style, lots of beer, have the right attitude, and seem to show up at everything. A good crew. I also love that they kind-of "promote" Wednesday Night Super Prestige!

Triathletes, watts-based, number crunching nerds that are quirky and awkward. But, they show up at stuff, so I guess they get a little love. But for heaven's sake, nobody cares about your training data if you're a cat 3! Also, don't be huge dicks to my teammates at the Tour of Connecticut.

A collection of masters who seem to "rock the house" down at the Womp, they tend to be a little "mastersy" but generally they are fun fellas and always willing to strike up a conversation. Can be competitive for sure and always shut down my breaks at the Womp, but hey, they can't let those young punks getaway right?

I swear I've never seen a BRC jersey at a race that wasn't Wells Ave. But still, they rock simply for putting on Wells ave. The guys who do show up at Wells ave, tend to be old, overweight, or both, but are wicked cool. I have much respect to anybody that keeps racing into their 50s, so long as the keep the mood light, as the BRC guys always do.

A mishmash of people, some fast, some not, consistently nice, approachable and cool. MTB squad seems to be more prevalent than the road crew, but whatever. Bonus points for showing up on the road and at MTB.

Basically the faster version of the Cambridge Bicycle team, with nicer gear, more ironic mustaches and "pistol" Pete Bradshaw. Much respect for them bringing up a lot of cat 2s. Also, gotta love the kits, man I think that is a hot look.

A huge club, I can't even wrap my head around how big the clothing order must be. Mostly, masters types, aside from the "elite" team, which I think is only Dave Chiu. They would get bonus points for putting on the Charlie Baker TT series, but TT's suck. Basically, just people from Concord. Oh, they do have a good women's elite squad, almost forgot about them.

Lords of Cat 3 destruction. Gotta respect them for that. But other than good results, I don't know anything about them, so I have to assume they all have no personality and thus must be lame.

What was the Tufts university alumni squad. Basically a Somerville/West Cambridge/Arlington version of Cambridge bikes, but a smaller or less notable presence. I do love the color scheme on the kits. Other than that, mostly a quiet crew, the few I know are nice, but eh, whatever.

A good source of juniors with nice gear, some fast female 'crossers, and then a bunch of other folks who race occasionally and live outside of 128. Never really see top results (aside from women's cx), but always seem to be around.

A team mostly filled with shop employees, so there's a little bit of hipster going on, but it's all good. They make up for it by being way overly nice and cool. Also having great results and an awesome blog doesn't hurt. I expect some big things from them in 2010 after a stellar 2009.

A shop team, not much to say, don't really know them aside from the fact that they seem to be mostly cat 4's and 5's. So, yay!...?

A two part team really. The first being a masters squad, with totally random people who I don't really know. The other being a wicked fast and really ghetto cat 1/2 elite development squad. They are all riding 6 year old Time frames, they all seem just to have one really used kit and are just generally ridiculous, but they can still throw down.

Another multi-part operation, I rode for the 'cross team, and we were awesome, funny and had some flashy kits. But the other side is some masters dudes I don't know and a "pro" mtb rider.

I only know people on the the pro development team and I hate them with a fiery passion. They are huge jerks and I want them all to suffer greatly. (No, it's not because I'm jealous that they all get to ride IF SSR's for the season, fuckers.)

A great crew, a large range of riders from elite to beginners, a good women's team and they know how to ride fast and still have tons of fun. I love these guys.

Not supa-fast, but generally goofy, ridiculous and have an affinity for white kits. Don't know really know any personally, but I like their style.

Oh man, where to begin? On the one hand you got to love that they show up, with a huge team, a large women's squad , are nice and win national championships. On the other hand, they are MIT nerds and sometimes they can be just a bit awkward.

Wentworth Institute of Technology Cycling
Awkward is the least of their problems, the MTB team and the road team divided, and basically the team always seems to be struggling to survive. Regardless, they are another college team that knows how to have fun, rather than go fast.

The first thing that comes to mind is "Beer," then racing. An awesome MTB crew, who put on great races, show up with a large crowd and love the term "party bike." The road crew, only slighty more serious, but not really at all. A fun crowd who like the social side as much, if not more than the racing side of cycling.

Can't ride, graduated all their fast people, used to be big, now small. I like the alums I know, but can't really speak to the current squad.

Obviously there are a many more teams in eastern Mass, but I didn't talk about them for a few reasons, first there are a few that I simply hate and I think are full of douche-bags, so they don't deserve the space on my blog. Others are junior teams, and I guess "you can't make fun of juniors," so they have been omitted. Also, there may just be teams that I forgot about, which means you have no personality and thus I don't care. Also, there are many teams I like, but are just out of my geographic range, which is, I dunno, inside 495. And yes, I've omitted cyclocross only teams (Geekhouse, HUP united, etc...) because I felt like it.

If you don't like my opinions (and I was pretty gentle), I don't really care, if you are taking this seriously, you need to chill the fuck out and realize it's just biking.


  1. just for that, we are all growing ironic mullets this season (i would say mustaches, but some of us are still in the "awkward high school lip hair" phase. i hope to see you at the races soon, dude!

  2. Nice post, and people around here thing that I am preching desunion! hehehe