Tuesday, February 2, 2010

Thoughts on Buying bikes

I've determined in the past few weeks that the time has come to retire my trusty Cannondale CAAD 8 road frame, purchased as an employee during my first summer at Wheelworks, back in 2006, since then I've bought a new bike every year at employee pricing and now I'm in the unfortunate spot of having to replace the frame with no employee deal at my disposal and I'm lost.

So, I've spent today scouring the interwebs, asking friends, looking for a deal, advice, tips, tricks, whatever I can find out about how to get a new rig. And dang it, it's hard. I can't believe that people usually have to do this. I'm so used to just selecting a bike from one of the brands the shop sells and then buying it at EP, it's pretty quick, easy and cheap. But now, without my safety net I'm so confused.

Now, I think I've got it narrowed down to just 3 options, all around $700-$800 but, I can't decide, one looks good and has a good reputation, but I'm unfamiliar with the brand in general and has a very "upright" geometry and an aluminum frame with carbon seat stays, the other is super aggressive, aluminum, small brand frame, with mixed reviews, with some manufacturing issues. The third is a safe bet, but it's a major manufacturer, but I know that it is a cheap full carbon bike, that is kind of soft and heavy.

But now, I just don't know, and all of the deals could be expiring at any time so I'm getting anxious.

How the hell do all you amateurs figure this stuff out?

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