Monday, March 29, 2010

Ashdod Circuit Race Report-1st Race in Israel

So, as some of you know I'll be missing much of the racing in/around Boston this spring and summer because of an internship program I'm doing in Tel Aviv, Israel.

But that doesn't mean I'm hanging up my racing gear!

So, exactly 7 days after I got off the plane I took part in the Ashdod Circuit race, about 30 min south of Tel Aviv, along the seashore.

I was signed up for the elite race and was excited to throw down for my first race of the year. However, things would not go according to plan, in anyway, at all, whatsoever.

Things got off to a rocky start when the race was postponed due to unforeseen heavy rains caused the course (with it's 4 rotaries in each direction) to be extremely slippery because of oil on the tarmac. As a result about 1/2 the field did not start, leaving a small but strong group of 30 starters.


My strategy before the race was to hang out and see how I felt. But, I failed miserably when I joined a break on the first lap of 9 on the 7km course. After a short while we were caught, then I was dropped, and cruised around off the back trying to find my legs.
I ended up chasing for a while with Ian Schon (BU student currently at Tel Aviv University) until he/we caught an Israeli guy.
But Ian crashed himself not much later and the Israeli guy and I worked well together for a while until the last lap, when we realized that we were going to finish 13/14th no matter what, so we did the last lap at conversation pace until a sprint up to the finish, he beat me.Image

Anyhow, it was cool to race abroad, I'm looking forward to more racing once I get back into shape.

Holding it down in Tel Aviv,

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