Sunday, June 20, 2010

Preparing for failure

This up coming weekend is the big show, the Israeli Elite National Road Championships, and I have just done something really stupid, I registered.

Now sadly I can't win the national title, nor will I win. Why you ask? First, the National Championships runs like Philly used to, the first Israeli across the line will be the National Champ, where as the first person across the line will just win the race. Secondly, I am in now way in any kind of fitness, proven during my double DNF double race weekend two weekends ago.

But to help psych myself up for the race I'm taking a quick glance at my 3 previous American National Championship races:

  1. 2008 USA Cycling Mountain Bike National Championships, Mount Snow, VT (Men's Sport Cross Country 19-24): I started the 14 person race with hopes that I wouldn't be embarassed, so I went out too hard on the first climb of the race, not realizing there was a MUCH longer climb later on (I didn't research the course) and quickly went out the back on the first lap of two, I managed to slog around the course totally burned and finished the race in dead last, as the other people that far off the back had enough sense to drop out. Result: 14 of 14

  2. 2009 USA Cycling Collegiate National Championship Road Race, Fort Collins, CO (Division 2 Men): First, I didn't belong there, I had only qualified for the race with the smallest margin. So, in typical genious style, I slowly rode of the front attacked on the very first climb, sumarily got caught, spat out the back and rode maybe 45 miles, 20 or so by myself, before dropping out. Result: DNF

  3. 2009 USA Cycling Collegiate National Championship Criterium, Fort Collins, CO (Division 2 Men): Second row start, spent the first 15 minutes or so in the pack, drifting backwards until I got spat out the back. Then I ended up in a chase group full of other pour souls and the officials pulled us of the course before the fast people had the chance to run my slow ass over. But hey, I "finished" not last! Result: Pulled and Placed 63 of 69
So with that history of success I am super excited to get my ass dropped during the 140km race this weekend!

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