Friday, September 10, 2010

Cyclocross 2010, Happy New Year 5771 and Cross Competitions

Oh, Hey America!

Return to America

I made it home. The flight from Tel Aviv to Boston was not pleasant, as I totally f-ed up my strategy to beat jet-lag, and my connecting flight from JFK to Boston got cancelled and I had to rebook last minute the night of my departure from Tel Aviv. But, I did make it back to Boston, with both my bikes in the box I used to get them to Israel 5 months prior.

Let's see, after that, rain-out, a little riding, a couple of weekends at Wells Ave, and finally just 2 days ago I got on my rebuilt 'cross bike and stopped by McKittrick's early season special WNSP course in Allston, and after these 3 race-type efforts, it has become abundantly clear that I will be in a world of hurt for the first few weeks of 'cross season.

Hopefully, my first foray into my 'cross-scapades 2010 will not be as painful as last year, where it was WICKED HOT DUDE and I was horrifyingly out of shape. So, we'll see how things go, but there is a high probability of embarrassment in the forecast.

Cyclocross Competitions

Having fallen far short of getting Verge Points last year, Colin's INCREDIBLE INTERNET SKILLS allowed me to learn I was almost the "Fastest Guy Without A Verge Point." So for this season, I'm bringing the competition back, and it is going to be a permanent fixture on the site, or so I've been told. I'll talk about some of the contenders in the near future. But for now I'll tell you that Dave Chiu is wicked excited.

The other 'cross competition that I'll try and data wrangle is the Hebrew Cup, which is going to be the best rider, by points in New England that speaks Hebrew, or raced in Israel or something like that. Who are the competitors, you ask?


Winner gets a case of Manischewitz, 10 rolls of hallah or something else really Jewish. I'll figure out some real rules at some point.

Happy New Year 5771

Oh, Happy New Year! 5771 started yesterday, and I'm looking forward to this year after a rather hectic 5770, which involved living in greater Boston, Colorado and Israel. I think I could use a bit of stability at this point.


  1. I am going to crush you two and all other comers.

    You're going to have to give me kugel feeds in the elite races (when I decide to do them).

    Watch out! Shana tova!

  2. אני אוהב cyclocross. can I be in the jew cup too? josh can vouch for my jewness.

    scott (who has plenty of verge points)

  3. I cannot vouch for Rosey's Jewishness in the way your dirty minds are thinking. But beyond checking for foreskin, I can assure you he is a member of the tribe in good standing.

    Now Shopengarten, your job is to determine if he is eligible. I have given Rosey my hashgacha. How did I become the mashgiach of this whole thing?

    גמר טוב לכולם

  4. Scott and Josh,

    It is not the Jewish cup, it is the Hebrew cup. So if Rosey can form an original sentence in Hebrew when prompted, he's in.

    If every Jew in New England were involved, I run the high risk of really fast people getting in on the action.