Thursday, September 16, 2010


Well after a rather rousing couple of days it finally seems like the nonsense is over, the anger either real or perceived has subsided and I can readily admit that Myerson set me up pretty darn good to have my internet ass totally kicked.

I should have seen it coming, but I didn't much like this girl:

Myerson has used his years of experience to trick poor me into a trap.

I only wish Admiral Ackbar had been there to warn me.

And as a result of my brash tweeting and e-mailing I openly subjected myself to ridicule:

At the end of the cycle what have I learned:

-Think before hitting send
-When you ask for anger, you shouldn't be shocked to get it
-"Bike Racing is Serious Business" to some people and don't treat it as light hearted as I do.
-When you enter the lions den, expect to be pounced on.
-I'm an immature jerk, who probably should stay on the sidelines instead of picking fights with not a lot of information.
-Jonny Bold is Reasonable Badass

I should have known all of this going in, but I didn't and well, at least I learned some lessons. So, yeah, NECX list people, sorry for flooding your inboxes.


  1. RE: Jonny Bold

    I'll give you the "badass" part but I don't see where you get "reasonable" out of any of that.

  2. Admit it, you love the attention.

  3. SIgh... Just remember....