Tuesday, September 28, 2010

Nor'easter Cross

Ok, I don't have a lot of time, so I'm just going to be brief, in theory that means people will actually read this post instead of just glazing it over for photos and videos.

The Course
I'll start by saying the course was so hard, incredibly hard, harder than you think it could be, it reminded me of when Mel Gibson was put on the rack at the end of Braveheart. Two monster climbs, incredibly technical descents, a run up so steep that I thought I was going to fall backwards, and some seriously long flat bits of pavement. To win, you needed to climb, pedal hard on the pavement, be able to run and be gosh darn brilliant at driving. I was totally screwed, I'm only good at driving.

The Race
Seeing as the course was "a mountain bike race" I figured the start was not super important and the race would be so strung out that my start position didn't matter. I was right, start was into a climb, and the rest sorted itself from there. As the race went on I let Dave Chiu get away, but I wrangled him in and then he dropped out, lame. The other person I was out to beat was Bramhall, who I cut off on the first run up and never saw again. But the last person, was Ian, for he and I are vying for valuable Hebrew Cup points. We spent the first few laps going back and forth until he eventually disappeared, he later claimed he was "sick" and had given up pretty early on, but whatever I beat him by 2 placings. I also got passed by a few people along the way, but I didn't know them, so who cares what their names are. Final result: 19 of 36

Post Race
After basically crying from pain, if you recall the course was INSANELY HARD, I eventually recovered and watched the Unified Bouldering Series competition, which was awesome, then some rock concerts by the Walkmen and !!!.

Big ups to JD, Al and Myerson for getting linked in to such a great event. I'll be back.

Oh last thing, I got a new bike yesterday, I'm too lazy to bust out the camera, but I just want to thank Wheelworks for getting me the hookup!


  1. i know typically heckling is confined to race time, but jeez, steve! you've downhilled in the pennsylvania wilderness, you're telling me you really thought the nor'easter was that hard? do you not remember the stxc at jiminy peak? not even the A men could make it up that climb every lap, it was just straight up and then a steep muddy plummet to your doom/base of the climb. you've up and gone soft on me.

  2. Hey!

    Give me a little poetic license. Course was hard, but it was also awesome.