Monday, September 13, 2010

Quadcross 2010 REPORT

Yesterday I had my Quads Crossed, it was rather painful. While it was nice to see so many familiar faces again after my 9 months away from Boston, that did not save me from embarrassment.

In fact, I was going around before the cat 3 race, openly insulting the people I wanted to beat (Matt, Ian, AJ, Jeff Z, Dave) insisting that their souls would be crushed and that they were standing in the presence of greatness. Now, after all this hype it would seem reasonable that I would back it up with a brilliant result, right?

Well, you'd be wrong, horribly, horribly wrong. I'll save you the really gritty details and try to summarize my cat 3 race in brief. Basically, I started at the back, moved up to the top 15 or so by chopping a lot of wheels, finding myself near the people I wanted to beat. But then, I got a terrible stomach cramp and started bleeding places, only recovering on the last lap to close a huge gap to the guy well in front of me and crush him in a sprint for 41st. Oh, somewhere in there I got passed by Bramhall who soon after crashed into the course tape and I said "C'mon Dude" to which he replied "Fuck you Steve!" He later passed me again, and apologized.

Oh, after my outstanding result, I then mulled around the parking lot for a bit, and started to socialize with all the people in the Elite race that were about to beat me. Details aside, it is important to note that I specifically asked Pete Bradshaw NOT to lap me.

Anyhow, started in the back, tried to hang in there, but just tried to ride steady. Early on I lost a lot of time to Steve Lehmann, a guy on a Ridley and AJ, but I eventually caught them and then opened up a huge gap. But afterwards, I got lapped by the top five, and then PETE, who if you recall I had SPECIFICALLY ASKED NOT TO LAP ME. Anyhow, I rode on, and finished 27th or so, beating several people.

So, basically, the fitness is there, I think and perhaps I can pull something together and be fast later this year.

Highlight heckles of the day:

Devon: "Steve catch that guy!" After said dude was caught, "Whoah, I didn't actually expect you to catch him"

Threshold Guy to his teammate: "Catch that guy [me], he insulted us on his blog!"

Lauren: "At least it's not hot like in Israel, right?"

Lauren: "Are totally loving your bike right now?" (Toward the end of the Elite race, after many laps on that course)

Matt: "There goes Steve Hopengarten, who just got back from Israel and is re-learning English" (While on the PA System)

Anything by Ian in Hebrew.

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