Thursday, September 30, 2010


Over the last year, mostly thanks to others, it has become abundantly clear that I tend to make myself look like a total jerk on the internet. I think it has something to do with my tendency to type before I think. Which is actually more pathetic than speaking before thinking, as I can SEE WHAT I TYPE before I submit it to the world of the internet.

Between angering the mob of masters riders on the New England Cyclocross internet list, alienating friends by giving them backhanded compliments, aka insults on the internet, and getting into inane fights on the twitter. I have finally realized that perhaps I need to take a step back and take a deep breath before I type away. (Took long enough right, I KNOW)

Perhaps it is due to a weird inner desire to increase my internet celebrity, or because I have ADD that I tend to put myself into awkward positions that result in a lot of animosity heading my way.

So, internet, and people I know in real life, please help me fight my total inability to realize when I am in the midst of doing or saying something stupid that will result in increasing the douche-bag/idiot persona that I've been accidentally been cultivating, because at this rate, someone is going to bash my head in.


  1. The first step to recovery is realizing you have a problem. Just give it up...

    Does Twitter, blogging or having list serv discussions really enrich your life? No of course not. It is a silly diversion. If it can't even be that, I say give it up.

  2. Just curious, do you tend to re-read things you've written before you click "post" or "send?"

    If not, doing that is the first step to catching yourself coming off douchey.

  3. I say fire away. Internet douchery has served me quite well.

    There is a fine line between making a point that may be controversial and deliberately stirring people up. I have crossed the line. You have crossed it too. Most opinionated people cross it eventually.

    The key to evolve; learn from your mistakes. But if you have a valid point that some people aren't going to agree with, fuck 'em. It is The Internet and everyone has the right to express their opinions (or in your case, ask questions).

    You just need to be prepared to deal with the fall out, which it appears that you are not.

  4. I'm taking credit for your new-found sense of place.

  5. Sully: You're probably right, but I would rather just turn it down a notch, have more discipline and patience, and have fun again.

    Colin: Re-read before posting? Hardly ever.

    RMM: I'm not planning ceasing to share my opinions, but I want to be more reasoned and less knee-jerk and brash. Would rather have people get mad at my opinion than me personally. In other words, open up the discussion than kick the hornet's nest.

    Andrew: I'll give you partial credit.