Thursday, October 7, 2010

And the weasels came... IN THE NIGHT: A report

Um, so I totally rocked the Night Weasels Last night.

But let me preface by saying that Chip, Colin and Linnea, along with the Ski Ward Crew deserve a ton of e-mails, thank yous, HUP-Cakes, beers, praise, less mean heckles for all the work they put into making the event happen. I helped a little bit on Tuesday with some course building and Wednesday night with course breakdown, also praise to the team, and B2C2 crew for helping with tearing things up, (get it?).

UPDATE: Yes, the HUP United Crew helped out with registration and other random tasks! Thanks to Scot for reminding me.

The Race
Right, so my race sucked. I did very bad. After the race I figured out why. You know that little voice in your head that says, "got to move up, got to move up, got to move up, pass this guy, pass that guy"? Well, that voice was nowhere to be found last night at the weasels, that voice was off on the beach back in Tel Aviv. This was probably the most pathetic race for me ever, as I was not hurting at all, I unsuccessfully tried to ride the stairs and this was a course that suited me perfectly, a long climb, some punchy stuff and lots of turns, but I was not going full gas at all. In fact I was getting passed and passing the same guys every lap because I was coasting through so much of the course and then catching them again on the major climb.

Highlights included: busting out some sweet DJ moves on my imaginary turn table going through the finishing straight, getting crashed by Yash Katsumi as he was heckling and got some other good heckling from the crowd. I finished on the lead lap, and safely crushed Bramhall and Dave Chiu who were both lapped.

Post Race
After the race I heckled some people in the Pro Races, ran around, chatted people up and then when it was all over started with the course breakdown, packing up the stakes and what-not. Again thanks to those who stayed around to help out.

Wow, that was like the most boring race report ever. I totally need to thrown down at Providence this weekend.


  1. Yes. Naked Steve and I felt quite bad after making you crash but I blame it on his bad influence. We told everyone you could take that corner fast but it was actually superslick.

  2. hey don't forget the HUP United crew that manned the reg table the whole time.

    and yes, your attempt to ride the stairs was rather sad.

  3. I have similar feelings about my lackluster performance... The lack of back brake, too high pressure in the front tire (hard to read gauges at night!), lack of warm up, and head cold are good excuses, but the main factor was I was lacking the "pass pass pass" voice in my head... This race is haunting my dreams... Thanks for the heckling, I was trying to reverse heckle but nothing would come out of my mouth. -Tim