Sunday, October 31, 2010

Downeast Day 2 Race Report

So I'm not to happy about this race, hence the week it took to get up the gumption to write about it.

I'll do my best to use photos to tell the story, because Don and Dana McEwen took a whole bunch of sweet photos, and I'm assuming they live in Maine, which automatically makes them extra cool, thanks!

Ok, enough prelude, time to talk about the bike race.

I had a 2nd row start, because, I apparently don't suck that much and got Verge series points on day 1. So that was great.

I managed to avoid a bit of a cluster on the first corner by starting on the outside and managed to find my way into the top 20. I was near the front, it was sweet.

I spent the first lap in the train, passing a couple of guys here and there trying to maintain my spot near the front.

(Yes, I am indeed riding that stone wall totally clean on the first lap. Photo: McEwan Flickr)

Most of the way through the first lap things were strung out and we hit the barriers. I did it with a total lack of grace as shown in this video from B2C2, (skip forward to about 0:29):

So after that I tried to hang out and just ride my race.

By the time we hit the second lap things had started to string out and my teammate Benny had caught up to me and I was happy to have him there to rail some sweet turns with me, but then I got a flat in the woods section and I had to run:

(Here I am, displaying my hate for running. Photo: McEwan Flickr)
(I had to run for a while, here I am still running. Photo: B2C2)

After my run I got my pit bike. Yes, I am aware I am a cat 3 with a pit bike, I am a jerk. In my defense, the frame on the pit bike is kind of broken, (failed warranty issue, long story) and Adam Sullivan gave me a bunch of parts, so blame him. Anyhow, during my run and whilst collecting my pit bike I got passed by Ian, which meant I was once again losing the Hebrew Cup, blast!

(Here I am riding my pit bike Photo: McEwan Flickr)

Once I got going I was then passed by Bramhall and Dave Chiu, I tried to hang out, but well, my back hurt like crazy because my pit bike doesn't fit me and away they went, never to be seen again. Dave was kind enough to share with the internet that evening that he beat me:

So, I went backwards, by myself, around people I didn't know, I was getting heckled and my back hurt.
(Now I am unhappy with back pain nowhere near my friends, Photo: McEwan Flickr)

(Cool shot late in the race, Photo: McEwan Flickr)

I raced on, tried to make the best of a bad situation and I sprinted with a junior at the end and I got 43rd of 71, eh whatever.

Still course was fun, volunteers were again friendly and I love Maine, it is just the greatest place, so good weekend.

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