Monday, October 4, 2010

Gloucester Race Reports

Race reports! YES! I am so fricking excited to write them. This being the start of New England Cyclocross Superweek, I'll have to be on top of them.

Since I was starting in the middle of the 130 person cat 3 race each day, I had decided to focus on people I know both days, and just do better than them.

Those people were:
Ian Schon (For valuble Hebrew cup points)

Day 1
I'll not go on and on about the downhill 250 meter start, the rest of the internet will take care of that for me. But to be brief, it was wild and dangerous. See the video below. After that, I tried to move up early and got past Dave as he ate sand by flying headfirst into the sand pit, it was awesome, (again, see video). After a short while I made my way up to Bramhall and got around him on my adventure towards the front. He eventually got around me and put a small gap into me, Ian too had gotten around me and for the rest of the race I saw him 6-7 spots ahead of me, it was not good.

GP of Gloucester Day 1 Cat 3 Men from colin reuter on Vimeo.

Sweet video courtesy of the team.

On lap two Dave Chiu caught me and summarily slapped my ass. Soon after that, Jeff Z caught and passed me with a pleasant "WHAT NOW STEVE?!" I was content suffering and didn't chase him down. But then, I dropped Dave, who was never to be seen again and made my way up to Bramhall and duked it out with him from then on.

The last 3 laps were a total free-for-all with Bramhall for Mid Pack Cat 3 supremacy. I would pass him, then he would pass me, other dudes would get sandwiched in between. And amidst our battle there was a GUY IN A GREY T-Shirt that neither of us wanted to lose too. But on the last lap Bramhall got a gap on me and that was that, I finished 55th to his 54th. BAH!

Lost to: Ian, Jeff Z, Bramhall.
Beat: Jeremy and Dave.

Day 2
I had the same goals as day one, beat people I know. This was a little less fortuitous. On lap 1 Jeremy Jo, Jeff Z, Dave Chiu and Ian all got around me in the first grass section after the start and I was soon in full chase mode. Ian and I duked it out for a while and insulted each other in Hebrew before he went off into the distance after the first run up where I dropped my chain, and about 15 places. Then I dropped my chain again after the barriers, losing another spot or two. I quickly found myself, in less than mid-pack and decided that was not very good. But Bramhall was there with me and wanted to hang out for a few laps. But then he fell off into the abyss and I found my self chasing a group with Jeremy and Dave Chiu, I wanted to catch that group.

I spent the next 3/4 of the race trying to catch Dave and Jeremy, passing whole groups of dudes going up the hill towards the finish line and each lap they got just a little closer. But at the end, I got up just behind them and lost by 1 place to Jeremy and several more to Dave, oh the shame! But, hey a 1 place improvement from the day before, finishing 54th.

Lost to: Ian, Jeff Z, Dave and Jeremy.
Beat: Bramhall

Heckle of the Weekend:
"We've got some Wagner for you Steve!" -Nick Maggiore on the Run up day 2, I think it is some odd Curb Your Enthusiasm reference. I totally got him back by humming the start of Ride of the Valkyries the next time I hit the run up, everybody laughed, it was awesome.

Up next the Night Weasels Cometh. Supposedly I'm being offered up as a prime in the Masters race.

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