Tuesday, October 19, 2010

Mansfield Hollow Race Report


Yes, now I am excited to blog the shit out this past weekend, because A) it was wicked fun, and B) I just had a cup of coffee (it is 8pm as I write this).

So, I raced bikes this weekend (that is a familiar sentence, right?) it was fun.

I got things started on Saturday by heading down to the TCC Mansfield Hollow race in Connecticut. I drove down Colin (aka Internet Cyclocross Commander), who later got 3rd in his bicycle race, so I'm taking partial credit for that using the transitive property.

Anyhow, before that, I raced the B race, which was surprisingly categories 2, 3 and 4, and thus there were a few cat 2s in there that made things a little faster than my usual category 3 affairs.

Ok, now to the gritty details. I missed the race to the start line, because this race is OLD SKOOL, and they don't use crossresults.com points for staging. In fact, they are so old school they don't even use computers and printers for results, it was all hand written poster board, AWESOME.

So I started in the 3rd row and off we went. I had my typical terrible start and I picked all the wrong lines and had to stop and walk a lot going through the first off camber. Even, frickin GeWilli got past me because he used his "experience" to tackle the section and ran it while I tried to ride through it in traffic. Shortly after that though I passed him and gave him a "See you Geoff," and tried to move up in the group as the field strung out.

Through the first section of turns and barriers, I just tried to play it cool and not lose any places, figuring that the course was technical enough that I could crawl back spots as dudes fell over. But I soon saw the leaders way far ahead of me and realized I was seriously in the back of the pack.

Then we hit the first of 2 beaches, and I rode it CLEAN, as everyone around me ran. Cosmo was behind me and said "Steve, you're an animal!" Yes, Cosmo, I know, I have technical skills. He later explained that he was going to call me out when I fell over, but I never did, so yes, I AM A BADASS.

Then we hit the second beach and some long flat sections and I stayed in my place until we hit the hard ride up, which most people ran, but I was like "I HAVE SKILLS, I'm going to ride that shit." Of course, the guy in front of me ran slowly and I hit him and fell over, causing the people behind me to hit me and also fall over. Then, I ran, remounted and noticed that my rear brake wasn't working. So I stopped and saw that my cable was knocked out of the caliper, and I fixed it as the line of dudes whizzed by.

From then on I spent a long while trying to reclaim spots, I was in a very bad place in the back, because as Colin informed me, "GUYS WITH KIDS ARE IN FRONT OF YOU," referring to GeWilli, I was determined to chase him down. So, I rode my bike hard, cleaned the first beach EVERY LAP and picked off people, including GeWilli to get a decent result. Final result 34th of 57. Oh, yes Ian was there, he got ahead of me early, and stayed away, that little punk is crushing me in the Hebrew Cup.

A Few Other Notes:

  • Mike Wissel is a beast, taking 3rd in the B race and then 7th in the A race. Nice job.
  • This course was fun and hard, ridiculous off camber, 3 sets of barriers, 2 beaches, a sweet flowing wooded section, fast speed control turns, it was fun to ride.
  • The race was well run, with excellent volunteers and free food for the racers. This event is highly recommended.

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  1. With great technical skillz, comes great responsibility. Or rather foresight to know when you have to run 'cause the guy in front of you is gonna bobble. The Northampton sandpit in the B race is a great example of this.

    Oh did you see Nate Campbell is still a 3, still podiuming the B Verge races, collecting more and more upgrade points?