Monday, October 25, 2010

MRC Race report

LAST Sunday I did the MRC race out in Lancaster, I was forced to do the P/1/2/3 race because, well they didn't have a cat 3 race and I was ok with that.

I started near-ish to the front and hoped to race well for sixty minutes.

In short, I had a really good start, getting away from my primary rivals for the day, Ian, RMM, Dave Chiu, and my teammates Benny and Jeff Z.

(Near Pete Smith on the Flyover early on, photo: Todd Prekaski)

I stayed up in the top 20 for the first couple of laps my by sitting on Ryan White's wheel as he carefully moved his way up in the field. But as the race progressed things started to spread out a lot on the course and I ended up spending a lot of time fighting the wind to keep my advantage. During this period the Wheelworks combo of Jeff Z and Benny came flying by me (Jeff doing his 2nd race after a solid performance in the 35+ race) and I just tried to hang out. A lap or so after that Ian came around me, for Hebrew Cup points which was a little discouraging as I had kept behind me for half the race, but again I just rode my tempo. Shortly after I saw Jeff Z walking his bike with an untimely flat, ruining his great ride.

(RMM and Dave Chiu in hot pursuit of me, photo: Christopher Intercontinental)

After that is when things started to get bad. RMM decided to be a total jerk and pull Dave Chiu around the course for what seemed like an eternity about 10-15 seconds behind me. Also, from a few seconds behind RMM reminded me what beating him would do for my points, that was nice of him. Eventually RMM caught me as I was starting to get sloppy, asked me if I was getting sloppy and then sprinted by me, leaving Dave Chiu right on my wheel. At 1 to go Dave was inches behind me and then I used my sweet cornering skills and raw determination to open up a gap and keep him behind me, taking 29th place with small gap at the finish. I was happy, and yes I know I spent the WHOLE RACE in the BRKZ.

Notes on the Race:
  • New venue for the MRC race was excellent, the course was superb, they made mountains out of molehills
  • Volunteers were cheerful and nice
  • Weather was beautiful
  • Flyover was cool
  • Ryan Kelly made me a grilled cheese after the race, it was delicious.

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