Monday, October 25, 2010

Verge Points and Downeast Day 1

After a series of finishing in the top half of Verge Series Races a lot last year and not getting any top 25 finishes and thus Verge Series points I grew frustrated, and wanted some way to glorify my mid-pack presence each week, so I came up with the Fastest Guy Without a Verge Point standings and had Colin crank out the results using the power of the internet to determine if I was in fact the fastest guy without a Verge point, it turns out I was 2nd.
So this year I was determined to either be good enough to win that title or be just slightly better and get real Verge Points. Now turn back the clock 1 week, and I sent Colin an e-mail offering him $10 to make a page on so I could easily track my standings, and he did a fine job, Go HERE to check it out.

Thus, going into this past weekend at Downeast I looked at the pre-registered list and the race predictor and determined I was going to either be on the cusp of real Verge Points or claim the glorious title of the fastest guy without verge points.

Now, time to race. I started on the third row, which was OK, and knew that the course was tight and I needed to have a really good start to take advantage of my sweet cornering skills on the tight, twisty course to open up gaps. I made my way up early into the top 20, passing Bramhall in the process and tried to hang out as far up as I could in the pack.

(Railing a sweet turn, Photo: McEwan Flickr)

I was having a nice time railing the turns and keeping the chase groups behind me at bay because apparently, nobody can go around corners and I would catch a guy here and there to put them between myself and the chasing group behind. Somewhere in the middle part of this race I saw Ian on the deck and flew by him hoping to take advantage of his misfortune and reclaim some glory in the Hebrew Cup. Then Bramhall came flying past me letting me know I was winning the Hebrew Cup and then I never saw him again.

By this point in the race things were really strung out and I was chasing a CLR guy with a group of 6 or so 10 seconds behind me. At 1 lap to go I caught and passed the CLR dude, because he couldn't corner for his life and I was going to use his lack of skills to block the group behind me, which contained Ian who had recovered from his crash, STRATEGY.

Of course, on the back half of the last lap the CLR guy passed me back and I couldn't get back up to him, but Ian was hard charging for my wheel. I tried to cruise through the last few turns to open up the gap, but Ian was being annoying and just wouldn't go away. When we hit the pavement I opened up the sprint and Ian came around me just nipping me at the line for the Hebrew Cup and whatever place we were in.

(Sprinting Ian for the Hebrew Cup, photo: Back Bay Cycling Club)

After the race I assumed I was in the top half and figured given my track record I finished 26th and I would be leading the fastest guy without a verge point standings. But no, I got 23rd! VERGE POINTS. I Don't suck that much! Alright! But the $10 I paid Colin was now lost forever, and I won't be able to enjoy it.

After the race we looked at Ian's leg, which had some big cuts in it from his crash and I had to take him to the hospital, he got 14 stitches, he's a tough cookie.

Other Race Notes:
  • The Downeast Crew created a new course, which was LEAPS and BOUNDS over last year's course, it was a blast.
  • The volunteers were friendly and helpful, a trend I've been liking.
  • Ian is a tough cookie
  • Dave Chiu was safely crushed

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