Wednesday, November 17, 2010

Coonamesset Eco Cross Report

(Running with bicycle, photo: Roger Cadman)

Last Wednesday, if you recall, I was pretty excited to get lapped. That's because I was going to be doing a race with 3 other people two of them current masters' national champions, Jonny Bold and Kevin Hines.

So, on Thursday, I drove down the cape to race my bike. When I showed up I learned a few things. First, Stephen Pierce had emergency oral surgery and was understandably not racing, which meant I might be finishing last of 4. But then, I learned that 3 people had day-of registersted for the event; they were Mark McCormack, who is so fast that he has a wikipedia page, Synjen who is the Verge Series Cat 3 leader, and a Junior. I had a shot over the Junior.

Lastly, the laps were 4 minutes long, which meant I was going to get lapped.

Before the race I had a nice chat with Jonny, he did not wish to kill me. I know all of you out there were hoping he and I would have a big fight, like we did on the internet, we didn't, sorry.

So, I started second row. Yes, the course was that small. And I was in front of Mark Mcormack in the sprint for a while. That was cool, but then he had enough and I dangled off the back of group with only the Junior behind me.

Things stretched out, I dropped that Junior and I rode tempo. I eventually got lapped by Kevin Hines and Mark McCormack. And raced my best to avoid getting lapped by Jonny and Synjen. I didn't, why?

I learned that Jonny gave his wheel to Synjen who had gotten a flat. So, I didn't get lapped by them. But I did finish 4th. That's cool. Mysteriously, Jonny Bold was scored last, that's going to help my points a lot.

Notes on the event:
I had a bit of an ethical dilemma with the promoters in that I loved that all categories were racing for medals, but I was displeased that there was no womens' open race. I understand that they are not required to offer a womens' race, but I still think they should have. Given those two details about the event, I called it even and raced my bike.

Also, course was short, but fun, lots of woods, single track stuff, a little greasy. Furthermore, free beer everywhere, super low key, nice volunteers and some good heckling from Paul Nixon on the microphone.

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