Tuesday, November 16, 2010

Cycle-Smart Day 1 Race Report

Yes, I happened a while back, but, whatever.

Ok, this is what happened:

I had a decent start with a call up because I have VERGE POINTS, which is pissah guy. It was great until there was a big crash in front of me and I got a bit tangled all-up-in-it. So, I quickly got untangeled and saw this HUGE gap in front of me and I thought, "sweet there's another 20 spots I just got for free because people are on the ground." So I sprinted like crazy with the ample loads of race course in front of me that was not clogged with 150 cat 3s.

So, then I was in the top 25 or so, and that lasted a lap. I went out so hard that I was looking for the bell after the first lap. From then on I had a pretty epic "gentlemen's slide" back to finish 50th.

Here are some pictures:

Unhappy on the run-up (photo: Roger Cadman)

"When is this crap going to be over?"(photo: DoubleHop)

Despite me sucking horribly at bike racing on day 1 and being stupid on day 2, I still had a great time over the weekend.

Very special thanks to the Kellog Homestead Bed & Breakfast for giving the Green Line Velo crew a special rate, that place was one fine B&B.

Also, Al, Adam, JD, Mukunda, Durrin, did a fantastic job of putting on a top flight event for another year. Free beer, great course, well run, all around well put together.

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