Tuesday, November 23, 2010

The Kyle Smith Special

This past Sunday at Shedd Park, in Lowell, MA, New England was privy to the appearance of one of it's most sacred treasures, Kyle Smith:

Photo by Seth Davis

Kyle is often sought after by photographers and bicycle racers alike to bask in his cleanliness, and style, that sadly, modern photography can not truly capture.

Let us take a look at some photographs from Sunday that attempt to convey the aura of Kyle.

Exhibit A: Photo by Roger Cadman

Exhibit A is a prime example of Kyle at his best for several reasons:
  1. He is riding a section where others are running, thus intimidating his opponents
  2. He is doing it with such style and strength that the Back Bay rider to the right is checking out Kyle
  3. He has chosen to avoid the shade, so as to optimize the glow of all the white in his attire and on his bicycle
Exhibit B, Photo by Toro Loco

Exhibit C, Photo by Toro Loco

Now, Exhibits B & C show Kyle eating, which is not atypical for most cyclists, they like all other creatures must survive on whatever meager scraps they can find. But Kyle, being a man of style realized that taking food with his hands may cause his white gloves to become dirty. Thus, to save the whiteness of his gloves, the food went directly to his mouth, without the use of his hands a skill that is quite difficult to master. Not only were his gloves still clean, but he also managed to maintain proper speed and style by keeping his hands on the hoods.

After the race, Kyle was seen once again, this time in Downtown Boston, sporting a sweater, but sadly, the photographer, was unable to clearly capture Kyle alone, for he was blending in with the herd.

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