Monday, November 22, 2010

Plymouth Day 1 Race Report

This report is a week late, sorry internet, I've been busy being social and stuff.

I was not expecting a good result, because well, the day before I thought I had defeated a head cold, which resulted in me going to a party. At that party I had some beverages that resulted in me not sleeping very well and the next morning, the day of the race, my head cold made a triumphant return. Also, I was doing the elite race, sweet an HOUR of 'cross.

Fortunately, it was pretty Cat 3 heavy, made things more fun. Lined up 2nd row because I didn't want to get in the way of any fast people. In the opening sprint some dude crashed right in front of me and I narrowly avoided him to stay upright.

Anyhow, the fast people went away and I was hanging out with some of my friends, such as Jeff, Benny, Cim and Ian. I managed to sit on Cim's wheel for a while and we got some separation until Ian decided he wanted to get in front of us.

Then Ian got a flat and I caught him along with Cim, but sadly, Cim had an epic fail on this uphill sandy thing and Ian got a gap on us, never to be seen again, taking Hebrew Cup points with him. Blast!

Then Jeff Elie, Ben Gurley and Kurt came around Cim and I as we started to fade and backwards we went, Cim falling even further.

But, because I am a nice guy, and I hate riding alone in the wind, I waited for Cim, we worked together, and on the 2nd to last lap, we blew past Kurt and Benny. We then caught Jeff and started a team time trial in hopes to catch Ian.

We never did and then I lost the 3 up sprint with Jeff and Cim to take 11th place. I was happy.

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