Monday, November 22, 2010

Plymouth Day 2 Race Report

(Here is a photo of me pre-riding with Adam, let's have a photo caption contest! Photo: Flickr de Julie)

Day 2 of Plymouth had a similar to cast of characters to day 1, but it was a lot of riding around in the wind on soccer fields, I was not happy about that.

Um, so at the start I started second row and quickly found myself in the Cat 3 race, because all the really fast people were gone. So I lugged around Cim, Ian, Casserly, Zach LaBry and Benny for most of the first couple of laps. Then, I had a stunning realization that I didn't belong on the front in the wind, faded and all of those guys went away. As I faded, Kurt also passed me, just like the day before.

(Here are my legs, crushing the sandpit. Photo: Flickr de Julie)

So, I was by myself, and settled into my favorite thing ever: SOLO TIME TRIAL OFF THE BACK. I paced myself, rode the whole hour and on the last lap caught Kurt, and Benny to once again finish 11th.

Kind of some ho-hum racing, but I had fun.

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