Tuesday, November 9, 2010

Return of the Chiu: Cycle-Smart Day 2 Report

Chapter 1: A good start
After learning my lesson from day one where I burned out like crazy, I had a better strategy going into the race on day two to not suck as much. It was simple, ride within my limits early on and then wheelsuck my way to a respectable result. And, at first the execution was going well. I moved up on the first lap, slowly, rode my way into the top 30 or so and I was having a nice time.
(Here is a photo of me hanging out with Jeff, Oscar, Sean, and two juniors, by: Roger Cadman)

Jeff Bramhall was there, he and I were hanging out, it was fun, the train we were in was rocking and rolling and then, alas, Jeff started to fade off into the background. By the second lap I had found myself on the back of a large chase group, containing Ian, and thus Hebrew Cup points, but I was slightly getting gapped and trying my darnedest to get on that group.

Chapter 2: Disaster Strikes!
But then, disaster struck, by which I mean, I was an idiot, I picked a bad line going over a train track crossing and immediately got a flat. Which resulted in my riding a very long ways to the pit to get my pit bike. During my ride to the pit, I lost 30 spots easily, probably more, and even Jeff felt my pain by declaring "OH NO!" as he whizzed by. So I get going again, on my pit bike, and I find myself near Dave Chiu.

Now, Dave Chiu has been a problem for me this year. He is the rider I most fear in all of the Cat 3 field. Because if I am near Dave Chiu it means that A) I am having a less than great day, and B) I may have to live down the shame of losing to the Dave Chiu. It happened at Gloucester, it happened at Downeast day 2, and since there was almost no chance of getting any more Verge Series points (top 25) , I decided I was not going to lose to Dave Chiu again!

Chapter 3: Strategy
I started digging deep into my bag of tactics in order to ensure that I would not get beaten by Dave. First, I was going to stick on his wheel like glue. Second, I was going to take the infrequent pull on the front of our duo to make him believe we were working together. We weren't Dave, it was part of my strategy to provide false hope.

I wanted Dave to believe that we were trying to get a higher placing. But in truth, I just wanted to keep him nearby so that he could fully experience the pain and suffering of losing to me by 1 place. Because having experienced it first hand, I know that losing by 1 place to a friend/rival is a soul crushing and humiliating experience. I wanted Dave to suffer, and suffer he did.

Chapter 4: Execution
By last lap of the race, Dave and I were chasing down a junior just ahead and I started to turn the screws. With little extra sprint here and a little harder pull there I started to make Dave suffer. By the time we hit the last straight away I sat on the junior's wheel to ensure that Dave wouldn't come around.

I was going to embed a video of Dave and I "locked in battle", but for copyright reasons I can't, so please click here

When I opened up the sprint for 64th Dave had nothing, he later claimed he was "cramping" I beat him by one place and I basked in the glory of the moment. For I had crushed Dave, and thus had ample opportunities to shame him on the internet. Mission Accomplished.

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