Friday, November 19, 2010

Someone to learn from

This is Uri:

Uri is a bike racer, he has been at Cat 3 cyclocross racer for just over a week. After a solid run in the cat 4 field Uri decided he'd had enough of that nonsense and upgraded. At the first chance he got, Uri then decided that he would not be challenged enough by only racing with cat 3s. So, he decided that it would be a good idea to race the cat 2/3/4 races at Plymouth, then have a 20 minute break, change his numbers, and then get lapped by big scary people with with UCI points like Manny Gougen and Adam Myerson.

At the end of the weekend Uri finished near the back in all 4 races he did, was completely destroyed and still had a smile on his face. You know why? Because Uri knows racing is about having fun, and if you get lapped by dudes with UCI points, it is no big deal.

Amateur bike racers: LEARN FROM URI.


  1. Racing up: the best way to get faster.

  2. props to Uri, he had an infectious and awesome attitude after Mansfield that made a difference for me. good man he is.